Thursday, November 24, 2011

Get Your "Puritan" On!

On this Thanksgiving day, we're all supposed to be so grateful. I am not enamored with the religious freaks that came to this country and established the puritan uptight standards we still live with today. This bible thumping attitude is prevalent with the fundamentalist culture that has this country strangled. Abortion, birth control, premarital sex, don't forget no marriage for gays, let alone just being gay. One of my favorites, the puritan work ethic. That good old fashioned self reliance. Hard work will pull you out of poverty and into your very own log cabin! (built on land you stole from Native Americans) A tradition built on thievery and genocide, the good old American way! These people came to this country because of religious persecution. Now I feel like I'm the one being persecuted. If you don't have a job, it's your own fault, if you live in poverty, well, you don't work hard enough! The latest U.S.census information shows 46.2 million people living in poverty. acsbr10-01.pdf (application/pdf Object)
That's one out of six people. Coincidentally, there are 5 applicants for every job opening, 5 Unemployed for Every Job Opening -
 Good luck with gettin' your "puritan ethic" on! This country was built by a bunch of religious fanatics that even their own homeland couldn't tolerate. And now they have  the 700 Club and Fox News! 2 things I can't tolerate. (I think Glen Beck would look righteous in a big lace collar) I can't help but wonder how many people are just supposed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps today and just freeze in the streets or go hungry, because they didn't work hard enough. They must have done something to deserve it. Pass the Cranberries... What a great holiday.


  1. I'm thankful I'm not celebrating Thanksgiving! I'm going out to the desert and look at the stars over the next few days. Peace.

  2. That is something to celebrate! Wish on a star for me!

  3. I did, and there are pictures!