Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Feel So Secure We Have The SEC!

Last night while I toiled away at work I was listening to NPR, a show called Marketplace. (I'm a big fan) Any way they had a interesting comment about Warren Buffet, http://marketplace.publicradio.org/display/web/2011/11/07/pm-warren-buffett-bets-big-on-stocks/ 
The gist of it is, Warren Buffett does whatever he wants. And no one is allowed to know what he is doing. So there's less or pretty much no transparency for Berkshire- Hathaway. So if there isn't any for them, then how many others aren't "transparent"? So really, the SEC isn't regulating anyone because what I get, the fear is, everyone will dump stock dear old Warren dumps and create a panic, or buy what he buys, ruining things for him unless he manipulates the market in such a way that he controls what is bought  and sold and probably could ruin a company, drive prices down with a well timed leak. So the SEC are regulating by not regulating. Leaving the banks, hedge funds and companies like Bershire-Hathaway to run things. The SEC are controlling the market by controlling information. And this is a "Free Market". That's at the heart of capitalism right?  Meanwhile, people and their unsuspecting 401K's invested in the market B.S., you don't have a chance. It's all about the 1% maintaining the 1%. I realize this is nothing new especially with the banks. But good old Warren? With his "down home" everybody's grandpa image. And let's not forget his coming out with "he pays less than his secretary in taxes." (as a percentage). Like he thinks things should change! He's just one of us right? Wrong. He's not and he enjoys special privileges that aren't legal. The SEC just looks the other way. I wonder if they are looking in the direction of Tunisia? Maybe Egypt?

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