Sunday, November 6, 2011

"In an absolutely corrupt age, such as the one we are living in, the safest course is to do as the others do" Marquis De Sade

Jon Corzine left New Jersey and his company, the ironically named MF global (really? it's called MF?) in ruins. Millions of dollars have just disappeared. Just like millions of jobs in the New Jersey economy. Maybe we should take a look back at let's say, Governor Jim McGreevy. What a stellar individual he was. Got no problem with him being gay. But handing his unqualified boyfriend a job, and using his family as a beard, that's pretty low. Now we have Chris Christie. The republicans darling. As if there was any difference between republicans and democrats. What's his scandal going to be? Hopefully he'll drop dead from too many trips to McDonald's before he takes away every single social safety net that's left in the state. Meanwhile there's no end to the outrageous taxes you pay here. No end to the foreclosures going on, driving the price of your property down while they tax you at 2006 pre-bubble prices. These are the people that we vote for? Is anyone still living under the illusion that any of these people are serving the public? That they actually care for our welfare? I think maybe "The Situation" form the Jersey Shore show would do a better job running the state. Maybe "Snookie", she's a real fighter! I'm not sure what she would fight for, probably what she is told to fight for. Just like all the politicians! At least we'd know what we are getting. New Jersey is a mess and has been for decades. No one cares what happens to the people who live here. Just like our national government. It should be pretty obvious by now that all of those in leadership positions are all corporate whores. Just like Snookie and The Situation, no surprise there. There is no way to change things when everyone you vote for is already bought and sold. Christie is one of the biggest fundraisers out there. You can bet he's a shill for any corporation who's donated to him.
Watch him "do as the others do". The best remedy we have now is Occupy Wall Street. They are right not to have a leader. I like the anarchy. You can't trust a leader to do his job and mean what he says, those days are gone. I'm starting to believe anyone who voted for either a republican or a democrat is nothing but a masochist voting for sadists.


  1. I was with you until I saw you didn't capitalize the 'r' in Republican. We live in a republic, we're all republicans. However, we are most assuredly not all Republicans. Capital letters matter. And thus ends my rant.

  2. A Republic is where a significant portion of the people have some form of control over the government. I may have forgotten to use caps, but you have forgotten what a Republic is. What's worse? Try looking up Banana Republic. Anyway I do value your opinion and correct us of grammar.