Sunday, November 27, 2011

"In whatever houses I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of the sick" Hippacrates (400-460 B.C.E.)

When was the last time you really thought about who is benefiting from the sick? Who is being denied health care and why? Here's what Paul Krugman said, Money At The Top -
The last paragraph is what got me. "denying  health care to the near poor is seen as serious deficit reduction, but taxing the wealthy is not". I'm paraphrasing, and he actually wrote "class warfare" which Paul Ryan and his insured friends are always crying about, whenever anyone says anything about taxing the 1%. I think it's crazy that people don't understand that there is a war going on and it's not in Afganistan or Iraq. It's being perpetrated in this country by those in power. These people, like Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, they are all corporate whores who get money from the health care lobbies. We are the only civilized country in the world who makes money off of sick people. Which flows right into the pockets of the 1%. It's another way to take money from the 99%, like, say, all those crap mortgages you pay for over inflated houses. And huge 28% fees for credit cards. We have a health care system which has some questionable outcome statistics and we are nowhere near where we should be with infant mortality rates. And we are supposed to be so advanced. I wonder what presidential candidate is going to be mentioning any kind of fix for the health care system other than just take medicare and medicaid away. Since they are "entitlement" programs and we aren't "entitled" to anything, except to pay taxes and just die. Health care should be a basic human right, like it is in other countries. But no one I know even questions that, and maybe, they shouldn't be giving the health care companies so much money for excessive invasive testing, procedures that are either unnecessary or just ways for a doctor to cover his malpracticed ass, don't forget the out of control infections in hospitals that only make you sicker, which of course, health care makes money from.
The best thing about not having health care is, never having to go to the doctor. Or, endless hours spent waiting for your ten minutes to say what's wrong with you and get more tests and come back for another consultation. When are people going to wake up and understand that the real soldiers in this "class war" are us. We have the power collectively to give every American decent health care. But we don't, because we've been convinced that we have to take care of ourselves, when really we are supposed to be taking care of each other.

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  1. Making money from the sick and the poor. It's the capitalist way. How egalitarian!