Thursday, December 8, 2011

Occupy Christie!

I just saw Christie in Iowa get shouted down by Occupy.
He pretty much proved to me what a douche I already knew he was. I live in the great state of New Jersey. My taxes are outrageous, and they're paying for his salary as governor. It used to be when you were elected to public office that you called yourself a public servant. My dad worked for the government and that's what he always called himself.
Since when did these politicians get so full of themselves? There is no compassion or empathy anymore for the people these politicians serve. Apparently Christie has never been out of a job or evicted because he couldn't pay the rent. It's pretty obvious he never goes hungry. But picking on his weight problem is too easy. I can't believe he didn't take the Repugs up on their offer to be president. Probably because he knew he'd lose. "Just work it out". If you can actually find work, that is. In January I get to fight my tax assessment. They assessed me at $100,000 more than my place is worth back in 2006. Unless your motivated or smart enough to fight the system, you too can pay taxes from 2006 real estate values. Thanks Christie, for proving to me that there actually is a behavior I like to call "Jersey Style" the definition is; ego driven, selfish and ignorant. This has been my experience with people in the "Garden State". It's like living in another country. And now I get to watch Christie belittle people in Iowa too. At least he's consistent

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  1. The 1% have allowed their Republican Guards into their circle. The politicians are still treated as lower lesser members of the Plutocracy but the Republicans feel they are deserving of being lauded as Prime Movers of Society.

    Thus when a slob like Christie is showered with superlatives at a Koch Billionaires Retreat and entreated to run for the Presidency, he no doubt feels superior to the plebs over whom he lords!