Sunday, December 4, 2011

Russia and Amerika

I have some readers from Russia. (Spasibo!) And I wondered what was going on in their world. So I decided to do a little poking around. I found this article - The Russian state and surveillance technology
Seriously disturbing. Apparently the Russian government is remotely spying on bloggers and social media. Because of complaints from companies i.e corporations. God forbid you piss them off. Anyway according to what I read it is not "a question of national significance" meaning there is no reason the government should be interested in what bloggers and other social media are doing. Because corporations own the government they will do ANYTHING they can to crack down on people they consider dissenting or disseminating information. This is really bad, for all of us. In our own country we have another net neutrality vote coming up. Essentially our own legislators are just going to put the final nail in the net neutrality coffin and outright give the internet to corporations who already control way to much media. Actually, George Bush's FCC gave away the internet, our tax dollars paid for, to greedy corporations. They have voted on this bill I don't know how many times now and they keep trying to sneak more of their dirty dealings through. Some brave Democrats keep voting against it, but who knows what will happen. If we lose our freedom on the internet we are seriously screwed. If Russia is using drone programs to archive bloggers and shut them down, it won't be long until it will be common place here. Our government already has the power of the Patriot Act, we are already under their microscope. All you bloggers in Russia keep blogging! Don't let "the man" keep you down!

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