Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tis the season to be appalled.

Well look who is telling us there's too much bling in Christmas.
That is really so ironic. Check out the pope's "superficial glitter", how many hungry people could he feed by auctioning off that preposterous hat and crazy nightgown he wears. It makes me really angry. Didn't he take a vow of poverty? What I really love is how the Vatican sits on billions of dollars worth of priceless works of art. While the faithful around the world, starve, die or just struggle to get by and these blowhards lecture us about commercialism? They've pretty much turned Jesus into a brand and convinced  people to give the church untold amounts of money. I think if they sold everything and gave it all to the poor around the world a lot of our social problems could be alleviated. Somebody should occupy the Vatican. Maybe a gang of molested altar boys should run the place. Now that's what I call justice. I grew up on my knee's, every Sunday wasted, in a place I always knew was just plain wrong. What a waste of time. Now this jerk in a pointy hat gets to tell us all about the evils of commercialism. There's a special place in hell for him. He has all that power and money and doesn't do anything to solve the problems he seems to care so much about. Humbug. And a pox on him. By the way, the painting is Bosch's Garden Of Earthly Delights. You should check it out. He had no love for priests or politicians. Looks like pretty much nothings changed.


  1. No, nothing's changed, but I like your attitude anyway! In the spirit of the season, as Thomas Jefferson used to say.

  2. Patricia, I appreciate you signing up as a disciple over at Squatlo Rant. Just a quick glance at your site has me dashing home to add you to my "Signs of Intelligent Life" blogroll.
    As a former altar boy who's still pissed because he wasn't molested and is therefore not eligible for any of the Vatican's hush money, I concur with your papal punching sentiment. I consider myself a loud and proud atheistic "recovering Catholic" (damn near normal, thanks for asking...)
    Glad you came by, signed up, and left a trail for fellow stalkers to follow back to your nest!

  3. Patricia. My buddy, Squatlo above, just told me about you. Are we twins separated at birth? When I saw the photo of Her Royal Highness The Pope atanding in his golden threads at the golden lectern while he bitched at us about crass commercialism, I wanted to puke.

    I wrote yesterday of my idea regarding that Papal speech. Check it out- I call it "Pay it backward."

    It's nice to find a kindred spirit.

  4. I actually saw this painting when I visited Portugal a few years ago. Dropped by from Squatlo Rant.
    the Ol'Buzzard