Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big Government IS The Problem!

Wouldn't Ronnie Be Proud!
I am not sure how to view Republicans except as pretty much comedy for the most part. So I decided to educate myself more about the Republican candidates back grounds. I started with Newt. He was born to teenage parents in 1943 and they broke up within days of his birth. For about 5 years he was the son of a single mother. I could not find out if she ever collected welfare and drove around in a Cadillac. But she did remarry an Army officer and Newt was legally adopted by him (his father never paid any child support) Also his late mother had mental health issues involving depression. Maybe it was having a son like Newt. (pretty depressing) So the military industrial complex kept Newt out of poverty.
Next I took a look at Ron Paul. He was the state champion in the 220 yard dash, I'm thinking he had a scholarship to college. He earned a BS in bio at Gettysberg, and went on to Duke University for his M.D. Went to Detroit for residency and then was a flight surgeon for the Air Force, and the National guard. Why would you, after all those years of training, not go into private practice, but join the military industrial complex, during the height of the Vietnam War? Maybe patriotism?(the draft?) After that it gets even funnier. He becomes an Obstetrician. Oh my, I could not imagine Ron Paul in the delivery room. What a nightmare. ( I use midwives and female doctors, a male gynecologist is like having a motorcycle mechanic work on your car. I'm sure there are good ones out there, but I digress.)
Mitt Romney is just amazing. His dad was the former Governor of Michigan, I never heard Mitt mention his dad was born in Mexico! But it's true. In 1886 his great great grandpa fled to Mexico with his three (yeah I said 3!) wives. I'm not sure if it was because of the wives. But it's real interesting that Romney's dad is technically a Mexican immigrant. (it's all in Wikimedia!) Also his dad was the CEO of American Motors. Can it be? Governor of Michigan to CEO of an automobile manufacturer. How is that possible?
Michelle Bachmann is kinda boring. Her parents got divorced when she was a little girl, and guess what? Her mom remarried a banker! Michelle became a tax lawyer and worked for the I.R.S. Also she gets quite a bit of money from the government because she has a therapeutic home for girls with eating disorders. (Michelle looks way to thin to me) She also gets government funds for a clinic she and her unqualified husband run. Lets not forget the family farm, they received in excess of $260,000 from 1995 to 2008. I guess government really is the problem.
Rick "The Rooster" Santorum. (Yep it's his real nickname derived from his unruly hair and constant annoying crowing all day long.) His parents both worked for the V.A. in Virginia. Which I guess scarred him for life since he is not in favor of women working outside the home. But wait a minute, his parents worked for the government and probably had decent pay and benefits. Something no one is allowed to have now. Rick graduated from Penn State and started working for a Republican State Senator and realized he too could make a living as a politician. Especially when you can just step all over the rights of women or better yet, have them all erased. (the rights and maybe the women too.)
Rick Perry hasn't got a prayer! (I  know, what a hoot!) The Governor of Texas was a "Yell Leader" (Can't you tell? Think Will Ferrell Spartan cheerleader) in college in Texas. He graduated with a degree in animal sciences, get's a commission in the Air Force and in 1972, he completed pilot training and became the first military drone! I am blaming this on the Military Industrial Complex too.
It seems to me that none of these candidate's would have a hope in hell of getting anywhere if they had not benefited from our too big, out of control, over budgeted government. Isn't it ironic? Let me get that black fly out of my Chardonnay.


  1. Elizabeth Warren said it best when she said no rich person got there on his own. The clown posse can come from humble beginnings or from the silver spoon jet set crowd, but until they start to show some degree of empathy with what working people go through I've no use for any of them.

  2. Patricia, You really had me laughing at Rick Perry's "became the first military drone!" But on a serious note This blog was very informative on backgrounds of the candidates and how in some way or another they have had help in one form or another from the Government... It's almost like the kevin bacon game (Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon) With a lot fewer degrees but with this all things goes back to help from So called big Government.