Sunday, January 22, 2012

Colossal Failure!

 We know what this is all about, money,  the senate campaign committee, and all those donations to super PACS. I don't believe for a minute, this is about artists and their work. Since when has the government given a damn about artists? Except maybe to have them blacklisted. One point that really hasn't been addressed, is the notion of "intellectual property" which is really, media corporations ownership of property rights. Usually an artist is contracted and sells their "intellectual property" to a company who then, owns the rights. Media corporations in their laziness or stupidity sell their content to iTunes, instead of being creative and selling their product directly to the people. Because they can't figure out the internet. There is another issue here, the decimation of the economy and the annihilation of the middle class's ability to spend any money on entertainment when the price of food and gas has skyrocketed. Millions of potential consumers would love to spend money on music and movies and books. One way broke people can get that, is the internet. The banks and peoplrations have only themselves to blame for file sharing. And does anyone really know, how much file sharing is going on? Where is there any proof of the harm it is doing to media conglomerates?
 Here is a picture of someone I particularly loathe. The senator from Kentucky. (Probably THE most poverty stricken state in the U.S., that, should tell you a lot.) Apparently when the vote was supposed to go down on Friday, (those cowards always vote for their sneaky legislation before the weekend) McConnell told Reid he didn't have 60 votes to pass. The Senators who really authored this bill, Mark Rubio and John Conryn, who is head of the committee for campaign finance, in other words, donations to super PACS, is where the pressure for this legislation is coming from. All this is about more corporate welfare, let's just hand over the internet to the corporations, like they don't own everything already.
This is what we're dealing with, people like Mitch McConnell, trying to take away our rights on the internet, does he even know how to use a computer? God, he should DIAF. There's another bill going that they are going to try and ram through again, here's a link for Black March

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