Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Right Now" Really?

That would be, NO!
This is who I spent a lot of time looking at, when President Obama made his speech last night. And my feelings were, that no matter how masterful the Presidents speech was, who will believe him now that it's taken 3 years to realize what the rest of us have already been living with. And then there's Boehner, and he's not going to do anything, because his party is completely out of control. So many people have been disillusioned by President Obama, I have asked a lot of people who I see and work with, if they will vote for him again, and the answer is no. Which is exactly what the Repugs are going to say to everything the President proposes. Then I read this article in HuffPo, 
His new chief of staff is from Citigroup. More bank insiders. I do think that Occupy Wall Street had a huge influence on the Presidents speech last night. And I was impressed with that. But his actions will tell the tale. He needs to take charge as President and stop trying to work with people who want him and his policies to fail. I voted for President Obama, and I understand that he is up against a force of politicians that will not work together period. He still tries to maintain some sense of bipartisan collaboration, which I think is just denial on his part. They are NOT going to send him any legislation, "right now!" What I really wonder is, in the elections in November, will the American people reject the Republican intransigence and vote them out? Or are we just going to get the same tired "trickle down" bullshit we've been fed for 30 years. When the President says he is going to help the people who are underwater on their homes and at the same time has all the same entrenched bankers at the Fed, and on his staff, what is really going to change? When Geoffrey Immelt (head of G.E. and one of the biggest outsourcers of jobs) is his jobs Czar, and nothing new is coming from him, it's more contradiction. I want to believe that the President has our best interests at heart. But the people he put in place just don't. That is a mixed message. Millions of people are suffering. He can't afford to wait for a "do nothing" congress, who doesn't care if everyone pays their fair share. The only ones who pay are the poor and what's left of the middle class. President Obama must use all his Presidential power to do something, "Right Now!"


  1. Even if Boehner was of a mind to help Americans instead of harming them, you are correct his Party is a beast thrashing around, in a hallucinogenic haze, blinded, rabid and out of control.

    I Hope ths SOTU was not just another fine speech and I think the President's Recess Appointments indicate a willingness to ignore the Republicons and go do what is best for the Nation.

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