Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Whitey's On The Moon"

Newt Gingrich is on Mars. I love his "space, the final frontier" big idea. It's just so retro! When you run out of ideas, look at the sky for inspiration. Dude, we are destroying this planet. I don't understand why there is a conversation about space as a priority, when we can't even take care of things on earth. At least President Obama is talking about energy. Which is a really big problem, soon gas will be $4.00 a gallon, and in Europe they pay more than that.
Space programs have given us some really great technology. But so did Steve Jobs. Sorry Newt, that space colony of yours is going to add to the deficit.
With all the problems we have in this country, and all the whining about "big government," this is Newt's big idea. His fear is that the Chinese will take over the moon before we can. But the Chinese have no official moon program. Chinese space program - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An example Gingrich used was Lindbergh and his transatlantic prize of $25,000. There actually was a $10,000,000 prize that was won for suborbital space flight. Ansari X Prize - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 The winner's included Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the investment cost over $100,000,000. Over $100,000,000  to have commercial galactic travel. So we can spread our pollution all over the cosmos.
I believe Newt is batshit crazy. Did he even suggest that we invest in green energy research? Or is he content to watch the polar ice caps melt? Why aren't we making this planet our priority? Why is there no conversation about pollution or green house gas, a/k/a "climate change"? And could we please, please, get a US train system that we could be proud of and save a buttload of energy? And what about people working at home and not commuting anymore, saving even more energy,  I can't wait for all that "trickle down" goodness to be showered upon us. Oh, wait, there aren't any jobs. And there are still people that don't have internet access right here, in this country. There goes that idea. Bummer.
 Everyone should have a computer and internet access.
What if the government started a work program to have every household hooked up to the internet? Oh that darn defecit!
 HEY NEWT! Remember this? Why don't we just go back to killing whales? What a great energy policy! Let's just kick it old school. We could retrofit every public building with quaint oil burning lamps. We wouldn't be slaves to the Middle East anymore! I am surprised he hasn't suggested it. I am surprised all the Republican morons haven't suggested it. Let's just go back in time, I know! Let's all get into the "wayback machine" the Repugs want us to drive. Where there are no African-American Presidents, women can't get abortions and the elderly just dropped dead in the street. Bring back the workhouse and the poorhouse. So many problems would be solved. This is the country Newt and his fellow stone age cretins want. Talk about American Exceptionalism! Aren't we great? Look at the way we take care of our people. Look how we treat others, we spend billions of dollars in useless wars, apparently that's an employment program everyone can get behind, and I mean really behind, what a bunch of jackasses. Maybe it's just me, why can we go into debt to kill people, but we can't spend money on feeding people and housing them, and making sure they can pursue happiness?
If it wasn't for the fact that I look at these debates as a comedy show, I would be really worried. These idiots don't stand a chance against President Obama, with their hare-brained schemes. I really hope Newt wins the nomination. I swear, I think he's on something. He gives a whole new meaning to "sky high."


  1. I think Newt can be best understood when you assume that he doesn't really want to be president (too much work). No, he's just enjoying being in the spotlight and getting applause and laughs for being his usual, mean-spirited, snarky self. And it's good for his future guest-speaker fees.

  2. (What the f*ck has NASA done for you lately? More than you think.) (Why Explore Space?)

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