Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Cancer Of Komen Quits!

Finally, after a week of controversy, Karen Handel resigned. Maybe we should thank her for her vendetta against Planned Parenthood. The unintended consequence of which was people scrutinizing exactly who is in charge at Susan G. Komen Foundation. Obviously, people who don't give a rat's ass about poor women, who's only option for medical treatment is Planned Parenthood, unless you count the emergency room, which is another favorite of uninsured, desperate people. Thanks to not having a public option.  Karen Handel might want to look at that, since she now finds herself unemployed. In this country, employers provide healthcare at a staggering cost. Maybe, with all that free time, Ms. Handel could volunteer at a local Planned Parenthood, then she might find out that the clinics are very busy providing healthcare for pregnant women and delivering babies. She would probably be surprised to find that out. You would think the only thing Planned Parenthood did was supply abortions.
Now The Komen Foundation should get rid of all the people earning millions of dollars in salaries and spending very little on actually finding "the cure". Yeah, go on and sue me. All of this makes me wonder how many non-profits are thinly disguised lobbyists for some political party or other.

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