Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's Called Networking

What a surprise I got this morning reading The Washington Post. Capitol Assets: Some legislators send millions to groups connected to their relatives - The Washington Post
If there is a person who doesn't know that politician's family members benefit in all kinds of ways, from their powerful relative, I'd sure like to meet them.  But I guess in Washington, this is news. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Susan G. Komen scandal and all the people on the board of directors there, being related in some fashion, to politicians under the Bush administration? Nepotism is rampant and it is everywhere. The dismal economy and lack of jobs make it very hard to get employment unless you know someone, or you are related to someone. Isn't "Networking" another way of saying, make friends with someone, or be related to someone, so they will hire you? It's no surprise to me, that wives, sons, daughters, grandchildren, you name it, are able to get a nice, cushy job, with all sorts of perks because daddy is a senator. Meaning lots of better educated and more qualified people can just suck it, because fortunate sons and daughters are related to someone that gets "big government" dollars and gives them to peoplrations. And we wonder how this country got into the state it's in. There goes all that puritan ethic of work hard and pull yourself up by your bootstraps bullshit. Everyone has a fair chance. Really? This is the lie we have been fed for eons. People still believe it. As a matter of fact, if you get laid off and find yourself unemployed there are people who actually think you deserved it somehow. Because your lazy or you didn't have the right training. (remember when companies actually trained their employees?) Somehow it's all your fault. Maybe, because you aren't related to a politician and that's your fault too. I wonder if there is some kind of correlation between the fact that people's relatives are hired instead of more qualified individuals and that is why no one has to take responsibility when things go wrong, there isn't any innovation, it's all about maintaining the status quo. I have seen this especially in the education system where school board officials relatives are hired over more qualified people. That's why America is turning into a nation of dumbasses. Junior gets a job as a teacher, not little miss nobody who graduated Summa. Networking is the way to get the job done people! I can remember a time, way back in the 70's, if you applied for a job and you were related to someone, they wouldn't hire you, but not anymore. I could really use a job that pays well and has great benefits. But, if that means I have to be related to Rick Santorum, I guess I'd rather be unemployed.

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