Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Free At Last! So Long Santorum!

I believe there is a God, now that St. Santorum has finally stepped  down.
Thankfully, we will no longer have to hear his religious crap. I wonder if an angel from God finally gave him some sort of epiphany? Perhaps he told him to just stop or he would surely go to hell and not just stop off in purgatory for awhile. The symbolism of him appearing in Gettysburg is not lost on me, but really, shouldn't it have been Appomattox? The only real disappointment? I won't get to hear President Obama debate him. That would have been great fun. Now we are left with the right and  Romney, who is just as out of touch. Maybe soon he'll be touched by an angel and go away to Mormon country.
                                  Someone please free me from these persecuting religious freaks!
So Long Santorum!

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  1. Rick who? ...oh, the guy with the sweater vests. What a di#k.