Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Other Half Of The Sky

What Would Jesus Do?
It's Easter morning, and for the Catholic's around the world, services will be directed by a man. Except in Austria where Catholic priests are rebelling and allowing women to serve as priests. On Thursday the Pope spoke out against some "disobedient" Catholic priests who want change. Pope denounces rebel clergy who question church teaching on celibacy and ordaining woman | Mail Online
These priests have questioned the church's teachings on celibacy and women. There is a shortage of priests (except in South America and Africa) and the reasoning behind this disobedience is, if priests could marry, their would not be such a shortage. (however, their would be a price to pay, as the church would have to finance the priest's families.) Not to mention half of the population is being disenfranchised by an 85 year old man, who apparently has no concept that the world has changed, and women no longer want or need to be told how, when and where to pray, by a man who thinks he is the only one with a direct cellphone to God. In his statement on Holy Thursday, the Pope said these Austrian priests were being "selfish and disobedient" for wanting change and inclusion. Interestingly enough the statement also mentioned "the slow pace of institutions".
Yeah, a couple of thousand years seems pretty slow to me. I never did get where in the Bible it said that women couldn't be priests and priests had to be celibate, you couldn't use condoms or birth control, and little boys were up for grabs, literally. Let's not forget the millions or billions of dollars worth of priceless art and artifacts the Catholic church owns, while millions of the faithful starve and go without medical treatment in order for the Pope to wear his golden garments, red shoes and live in luxury. Unlike Jesus. When the Pope walks the walk, maybe then I'll go back to church. Here's my Easter Greeting to the Pope. Wake up. you are ignoring half of the population. Your church will continue to rot and decay until women take their rightful place in the RCC, and even then I'm not sure it will survive your selfishness. The leisurely pace of the Catholic institution is practically at a standstill and you have become irrelevant.
I still think there should be an Occupy the Vatican movement. Maybe those Austrian priests should consider it.



  1. Raised Catholic, converted to Judaism, this serves to remind me why I've been a practicing atheist since I was 13.

  2. The running joke at the treatment center (court Mandated) years ago was My name is Phil and I am a recovering Catholic.