Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Secret Service Can't Keep A Secret.

Secret service agents hired hookers in Cartegena, Columbia.
 I guess we're supposed to believe it's the first time this has ever happened, if only the agent who hired the hooker had paid what he owed her, no one would be the wiser. Now the cheap bastard is going to pay big time. Darrel Issa, head of the Oversight committee is outraged and wants a full investigation. This is the guy who held a congressional hearing on women's health, and didn't invite any women. So now we've got another scandal the GOP is salivating over, in order to keep us from looking at the real issues, like the economy and jobs. The Pentagon is investigating, Homeland Security is investigating, so now we have all  this man power, tied up in this stupidity. Please Secret Service, appoint more women. You don't hear a thing EVER about women hiring prostitutes. This is just more fodder for the GOP trying to make it look like this was all President Obama's fault. The only thing that's really the Presidents fault is that he didn't clean house and get all of the Bush administration's cronies out of Washington when he was elected. Because of that, the culture of corruption flourishes, with no end in sight.
Now lets look at something more interesting in Iran. I wrote about this in December. I knew this loss of technology was going to bite us in the ass. General Amir Ali Hajizadeh is now bragging that they are fully "dominant" over what they call "sections and programs of this plane". So far we don't know if Iran has a nuclear weapon and then we hand them a drone. This is a way bigger problem than whore's in Cartegena. But who would know with all the crying that's going on about men continuing to support the worlds oldest profession.
Israel is a pretty aggressive power with a nuclear weapon. If Iran really can build a drone out of what we handed them (Really? There's no kill switch on the thing, so it blows up before it gets into the wrong hands? I bet Iran's drone will have one.) we have the makings of a third world war.

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