Sunday, April 15, 2012

What A Dick

He just won't go away. Despite getting a new heart, this criminal proves he doesn't really have one.
In this article he mentions some advice his doctor gave him in 1978. When Dick was concerned about his health and running in his first election, his doctor told him "Hell Dick, hard work never killed any body." This comment was not lost on me for a number of reasons. The most important one being the men standing behind him in the picture above. 6,000 American men and women worked hard and died in a war he lied to achieve.
 The other reason I mention his comment about hard work is the GOP's Puritan work ethic bull shit that people who are on public assistance or unemployment need in Romney's word's "the dignity of work." As if it's a dream come true to be so broke that you have to go through the humiliating process of applying for the TANF program. Romney, again, proves that he doesn't know shit about reality in this delusion.
His comments in the HuffPo article are aimed directly at women and especially single mothers, who according to his beliefs can't have birth control or abortions or TANF. Life is sacred until it escapes the womb.
 It is very hard to support a family, with an unemployment rate as high as it is now, caused by a depression Bush and Cheney are ultimately responsible for. Another statement Dick made was this, "Don't let anybody tell you the enhanced interrogation program didn't work, it did." I didn't notice him giving example's of this program's success. There are many example's of why torture didn't work.
I thought one of the best quotes was how Romney was going to do a "whale of a job" as the new president. Kind of like "Heck of a job Brownie!"? Are you kidding me? Romney thinks Paul Ryan's budget is "marvelous". Which strips whatever shreds of a safety net this country still has. Meanwhile, our tax dollars paid for Cheney's heart transplant. The American people paid for this war criminals life saving surgery. I can only hope he will live long enough to be prosecuted.


  1. Now, that his new heart has made him healthy maybe, Interpol can hire Blackwater to do a snatch-and-grab on Cheney are ferry him over the The Hague for a War Crimes Tribunal.

  2. The line that got me was his calling the Obama presidency so far 'an unmitigated disaster to the country.' As compared to what he didn't say. But clearly not to the Bush/Cheney fiasco.

  3. Given a long enough time line, he too will pass away. Please. Now would be just fine.

  4. Look on the bright side, maybe the fucking bastard will actually live long enough to get tried as the fucking war criminal he is.

    Fuck him with a rusty bulldozer.

    A long, slow death would be appropriate in my book, throw in a little water boarding, it ain't nuthin' according to that sadistic sonofabitch.

    Go ahead, ask me what I really think about that walking pustule, I dare ya.