Sunday, April 29, 2012

Who's Crying Now?

Can't these assholes ever do the right thing? This week,  the Stop The Student Loan Rate Hike Act Of 2012 was on the congressional agenda.
And you have probably guessed that Bitch McConnel was crying that "the only reason Democrats have proposed this particular solution is to get Republicans to oppose it, to cast a vote that they think will make us look bad." What he said was important, because he finally gets it. Republicans don't only look bad, they act bad. Their self-serving agenda is visible to everyone. Their solution to the rate hike legislation is eliminating the prevention and public healthcare fund created by Republic enemy # 1 President Obama's evil 2010 healthcare reform. The only thing Republicans can do to pay for anything is gut the Affordable Healthcare Act. There is no talk of Nancy Pelosi's suggestion to use the subsidies that would go to the oil companies to pay for it. We all know that the oil companies aren't hurting at all for cash, not only do we subsidize them with our taxes, but also at the pump.
At a time when most unemployed people are blamed for not having the "right" degree for their misery, a college education is more important than ever. If you want to get out of poverty, you need an education. Haven't the students that would pay more for their student loans, been victimized enough? First by the economy, they can't get jobs to pay back the loans and now the interest rates go up. Why are they only passing the legislation for a year, then the rates go up again. What is this? Subprime student loans? Why is that the only solution to pay for things is with money that goes to healthcare, or robbing the Social Security fund?  Looking at the Pentagon's budget isn't even suggested, and no one is going to raise taxes on the wealthy who don't have to consider a loan for college.
The legislation is going up for a vote on May 8th. This time the solution to pay for this rate hike THAT DOESN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN is to close a loophole that allows wealthy Americans who make over $250,000 to avoid paying medicare taxes on their earnings. Now we all know we should get out the tissues, there are going to be a lot of tears over this.

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  1. The party of spoiled rotten three year olds with a one track mind.
    Anyone that votes Republican and admits it gets a wide berth from me, I am afraid the crazy must be contagious.
    There are just too many of them clustered in certain states for it not to be.