Friday, May 11, 2012

Bipolar Bank

Finally, after years of screwing people, JP Morgan admitted to "sloppiness" and  "embarrassing errors". JP Morgan chief reveals $2bn trading loss caused by 'sloppiness' | Business |
Like their credit default swaps aren't embarrassing enough.  How is it that a bank that was "praised for it's handling of the 2008 economic crises" could be sloppy, or make errors, don't they have accountants?
I wish I had more time to rant about these jerks, but I have to go to work, I can't afford to be sloppy or make embarrassing errors. Unlike Mr. Dimon. But I have to say. It's a very satisfying day to see these assholes finally get whats coming to them. Nothing hurts like losing money, especially for a supposed bank. Which, I remember a long time ago what banks used to be, and whatever JP Morgan is, it is NOT a bank.

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  1. Whatever part of that $2 Billion consisted of 'real' money no doubt wound up in the possession of a few top dogs at JP.