Sunday, May 13, 2012

J.P Morgan and Jamie Dimon, Sons Only A Mother Could Love

J.P Morgan
This is where it all started, with this guy. Ever hear of the Hall-Carbine affair? This is how J.P. Morgan made his fortune. He sold defective guns to the U.S government during the Civil War, guns that were known to maim the user. He also paid for a "substitute" to serve in the Civil war so he wouldn't have to fight it.
I guess it should be no surprise that his bank is completely corrupt, Some things never change.
 Jamie Dimon, head of J.P. Morgan now, served on the N.Y. Federal Reserve board of directors. He was named CEO of the year in 2011. That tells me a lot about how a billion dollar bank is run, but also about how the country is run. Mr. Dimon made 23 MILLION last year. I am not sure what he had to do for all that money, what was he doing? I can hardly believe a man who was CEO of the year could tolerate sloppiness?
JP Morgan chief reveals $2bn trading loss caused by 'sloppiness' | Business |
                                                 I took my money our of Wells Forgo 2 weeks ago, and put it in a local    community bank. Dimon's big fat salary came at the expense of  the unemployed, the foreclosed upon, all of us who pay astronomical credit card and bank fees.
Jamie Dimon
 I couldn't stay with a bank I had been a customer with for over 15 years because they started charging all kinds of crazy fees that I just couldn't tolerate anymore. Not to mention a teller just doesn't count money anymore, they are retail sales people who try STILL to talk people into second mortgages, etc, the very thing that tanked the economy in the first place.
The SEC is going to be looking into J.P. Morgans business practices, Seriously. I want to know, besides Bernie Madoff, who has the SEC prosecuted? There should be a lot more people in jail. What is going to happen? Jon Corzine ran M.F Global into the ground, I wrote about that last year. He's not in jail. There are no consequences for these criminals, unlike average American citizens. I'm not holding my breath, waiting for these charlatans to get a forced vacation in the big house. Criminal behavior by bankers isn't just tolerated in America and everywhere else, it is rewarded.
Happy Mothers Day everyone. I'm really glad Jamie Dimon isn't my son.

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  1. Wall Street Thieves, Hedge Fund Vultures, Cannibal Capitalists have captured the Federal Government more solidly than even during the "Gilded Age".

    They long ago acquired the GOP, mind body and *strike*spirit*/strike*, who are we kidding Republicans have no souls, and they are steadily buying up the Democrats.

    soon, We, The People, will have no Representatives in Washington D.C. and the income inequality we see today will be looked upon as a blissful age of near-Socialism.