Monday, May 7, 2012

Russian Occupy Or Let Them Eat Caviar

Alexei Navalny, blogger, lawyer, activist
This man was arrested again.
I wrote about Russian bloggers being arrested back in December, now it's happened again. Putin was sworn in for another 6 years and from what I have read, over 20,000 people took to the streets to protest. Many Russians feel that the political process has been hijacked, protesting in the streets is the only method they have to fight back.
This sounds to me like the Bush-Gore election, only it seems to me that it was a big yawn here, no one was arrested for protesting that debacle.
People on a global level feel that their vote does not count and their voices are not being heard. The powers that be remain entrenched and only care about the supporting the status quo. It seems that revolution is still in the air and governments everywhere refuse to listen and allow austerity, corporate money and militarized police forces to quash any citizen movements through force and violence. Change is what needs to happen. Established politicians no longer answer to the people in Russia or anywhere else it seems. As long as opportunities for advancement are stagnant and people feel as though their situations are hopeless, then the only choice is to protest. If  the economy is not working for the people, only for  the plutocracy, then mass suffering is going to continue and political unrest. Arresting dissidents is not going to work, not in the long run. I feel that this is just beginning to happen in the U.S. and at some point we are going to look forward to a larger crackdown in this country if the extremists in our own government don't start listening to their constituencies. People have been failed by their leaders. They know that lip service is being paid to them while the politicians agenda caters to corporate interests. People come first and if elected official's fail to serve the citizenry, heads will roll.
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  1. Difficult and exciting times. The slumbering is over and a long, difficult road lies ahead. It has to be done, though. Else why live?