Sunday, June 10, 2012

"A dying people tolerates the present, rejects the future, and finds satisfaction in past greatness and half remembered glory."

This is what a Nobel Prize winner looks like.
John Steinbeck wrote these words in 1966, before the counter-culture supposedly took over. This week I watched what money can do in Wisconsin. A landslide victory for Scott Walker.
 I read a really interesting article in The Guardian
And after reading this and witnessing what has been going on since President Obama was elected I am amazed that people still vote for Republicans. People still seem to be enamored with the past,  bringing up the ghost of Ronnie Raygun, blaming poor people for being poor, blaming the President for the economy that Bush tanked and rejecting any idea that costs any money to get out of this depression. Because the United States economy is just like a household trying to balance it's checkbook. Except for one glaring fact. Most American households can't print money. Also most American households don't spend their money maintaining a war that no one wants, except corporations and defense contractors. Most American households are struggling just to get by. The Republicans want to take us back to those halcyon days of Cadillac welfare queens, mostly by blaming single mothers for having children outside of the "sanctity" of  heterosexual marriage. So lets rape whatever social safety net is left to continue paying for war and subsidizing oil companies.
And guess who is probably next on their list?
I read a lot about older Americans trying to get jobs, because there is not only a war on women, but a war on older workers. Something that is not addressed. Many of these people who have been displaced by the economy have no choice but to collect social security early. Just wait until that option is no longer available, because that's what the Republicans are coming for next.
When that happens are we supposed to get in our jalopy like the Joads and go where exactly? Because we know that didn't work out so well.
 Mittenhead is running on a platform of being a businessman and  a job creator, only he didn't create any jobs and destroyed a lot of businesses. But he does believe in God, so In God We Trust, and pull the lever for another liar.
Wherever there is poverty and starvation he'll be there, to grind you into the dust.
"A red is any son-of-a-bitch who wants thirty cents an hour when we're paying twenty-five!" Say goodbye to Unions and any protection for American workers, but that's been gone for decades anyway.
Are Americans going to keep tolerating their present dire circumstances?  Can people stop drinking the Kool-Aid, Maybe upgrade to a new vintage called "The Grapes Of Wrath"?


  1. Do you really think Wisconsin voters are so stupid that they would ignore all facts and just sit in front of the TV drooling and listening to Koch-funded propaganda, and then go like robots to the polls to vote for who the GOP commercials told them to vote for?

    Polling reflected a Walker win even before the money poured in.

    Maybe, just maybe, Walker won because he lowered taxes, saves school districts millions, balanced the budget while lowering unemployment.

  2. Oh that's interesting.The Bureau of Labor statistics don't agree.
    They have not seen a "statistically significant" change. Wisconsin has dropped to 45th in the nation according to BLS.He also gave 212 million in tax breaks to trickle down in a golden shower to those left behind. Epic Fail SF, keep suckin down the Kool-Aid