Sunday, June 24, 2012

50 Shades Of Wrong

Karen Klein, dumbass bus monitor, actually put up with this nonsense. Poor Grandma, she didn't do anything to deserve this treatment. Except sit there and take it. Making vague threats to send the little monsters torturing her, thank you notes.
I was a substitute teacher for ten years. I did a lot of long term gigs too. I went into the roughest class rooms in the county. Some of them downright dangerous. There is no way, I would have taken that abuse. She did, and you better believe that a lot of other people do too. Did Klein not want to make too many waves because she's "double -dipping"? She was a school bus driver for twenty years, now she's a bus monitor. I want to point out, in no way is this case exceptional. Except it's exceptionally stupid.
When I was teaching, I saw a teacher who was bi-polar hide in her supply closet, repeatedly, while the class ran wild. She had no business teaching, but didn't want to retire because she couldn't afford to. Everyone covered for her. I also witnessed plenty of teachers using the same old tired lesson plans for twenty years. I also was in the company of  many teacher aides. I primarily taught special ed., and they can make or break a class. The ignorance and cruelty of those aides never ceased to astonish me. You would have thought the class was being Autistic on purpose, Really. Mostly, they didn't want to do one- on-one work with the kids in the class because they were too tired or lazy, they badmouthed the kids in the class and tried to use their power to punish the kids for both real and imagined offenses. Many of these teachers and teachers aides were sons and daughters, husbands and wives of people related to school board officials, more qualified candidates were never even considered. This is the dumbing down of America. It is rampant. There isn't one school system I went into that this isn't going on.
That bus monitors job is to keep order on that bus and she is an epic fail. How is it that she can't do her job, but she still has one? The kids that did it are even worse, because they posted their charming video on Youtube and didn't think they would get caught. They are so dumb, so dumb, for real. I can't tell you how many buses I had to climb on and create order out of chaos. All I had to do was say "Listen Up!" It's not rocket science folks!
It is a culture of toleration in all the wrong ways.The Jerry Sandusky trial is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Teachers who are abusing kids or just plain stupid and can't teach, are rarely brought to any administrators attention. The staff all know what's going on, Everyone is so scared of making "waves", they don't do the right thing. They just turn a blind eye, and teachers get away with this crap. Kids see this and they notice whats going on. The dropout rate in this country is astronomical. If you can't look up to a teacher, who else is going to be your real life role model? It doesn't amaze me that the Sandusky trial and the school bus incident came out this week, at practically the same time. The sad part is the lessons from these two examples won't be learned. Schools out forever.


  1. Patricia, she won't have to put up with this shit in the future, because folks around the country have donated half a million dollars to a fund set up for her "relief". $500K for ten minutes of abuse? Like most folks, I was appalled by the behavior of those little darlings... but at some point an adult has to get off her ass and defend herself, assert some authority, and act like she's there to do a job and not be a punching bag. Nice post!

  2. OMG! That's crazy, well, I guess now she can retire and get off the bus. Lol. The worst was when she started crying. I guess $500,000 sure can buy a lot of Kleenex for those tears.Maybe she can take a class in assertiveness.She's got the whole summer off!