Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why Your Vote Doesn't Matter.

It should be no secret that two entities are running this country. They exist to safeguard wealth and privilege. It is an illusion that we live in a democracy. In order to perpetuate this illusion, the government has elections and citizens feel like  they have some sort of control. If this was true Gore would have won the election "coup" in 2000. The Supreme Court decided who would be president. If people channel their efforts in an election, they will not be finding a more effective way of resistance. Which is exactly the way Wall Street and The Pentagon want it. Continuing to believe in a Democratic Party after Clinton essentially gutted Welfare, by getting DEMOCRATS to go along with it, should prove that once a Democrat gets into power they will do the same thing a Republican will do.
Voting is a ritual that reinforces obedience to state authority. This masks the Elite Rule that really governs this country.  Your vote does not make a difference unless, of course, you don't care that elected officials carry out the same policies that The Pentagon and Wall Street dictate.
Just look at who is in President Obama's cabinet, lots of Bush's cronies there, Why is that? What kind of change is that?
The general public has no ability to influence economic policy. Most people have very little knowledge of what is going on around them. How many people know what percentage of this country's budget is used for military spending? Not many, and that is quite purposeful. The Pentagon is not audited, it is not required to show what it is doing which is pretty much corporate welfare for the wealthy and elite.
 Most citizens care about healthcare, the state of the roads they travel on, good schools for their kids.
We don't care about drones or the war in Afghanistan.The Pentagon needs military force and intimidation (read the war on terror) to continue it's economic role, which is state subsidized welfare for the rich.
Safeguarding wealth and privilege from public interference is the governments job. The interests of it's average citizens has no influence at all.
Elected officials are nothing more than figureheads doing the elites bidding. Elections are nothing more than a scam, it is not an effective means to change government policy.
How can we still call this country a democracy, when we have elected officials who vote for a law that says they can look into your vagina if you want to have an abortion, that by the way, is a legal procedure?
Guess who is making money from that? Do you think the majority of this country really cares who is having abortions? Or who gets birth control?
We STILL have an economic crisis that is not being addressed. Millions of people are suffering, the government has done nothing to stop this. Why? Because it doesn't serve the interests of the Pentagon or Wall Street. Notice NO ONE has been prosecuted for the financial mess we are in. Instead they got bailouts.
Look at what a politician says and actually does in office. Politicians routinely break their promises. This is why there is so much disappointment and frustration surrounding President Obama. He is only carrying out the Pentagon and Wall Streets directions. That is why he acts more like a Republican than a Democrat. He is not a socialist, he is a puppet, just like Bush. So I think I'm going to sit this one out. I don't have the time to waste voting for liars and whores who have no intention of serving the public. It's more productive for me to go back to my studio and paint, than to vote in a souless, hollow election.

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