Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bring Back The Stocks!

I see abandoned properties like these all the time. I always wonder what happened to the people that left? Where did they go?  How much longer can this go on? Matt Taibbi's article in Rolling Stone, describes the use of eminent domain to solve the foreclosure problem.
Any idea seems better than doing nothing.
7 million people have been foreclosed on since 2007. Now it looks like older Americans are being hit hard too.
It is crazy to me that we have tent cities and a homeless problem and all these places are sitting empty. Because no one is willing to deal with the banking industry's mess. The government is funded by the banks so there is no help there. I think it could be solved with a Habitat for Humanity style approach, and if people are willing to pitch in and help fix up the place, it's yours. Why not? I know I'm pretty radical, but I think shelter should be a basic human right. Like healthcare. The banks aren't making money on these properties anyway, not only that but some of them have to spend money to maintain the home in area's where they are fined for not cutting the lawn. There should be a moratorium on foreclosures until the mess gets straightened out.
Every neighborhood has these houses that are empty. The housing market is severely depressed because of them. I hope the eminent domain idea works out. It would be great if these properties could be taken over and they would get a pre-inflated price tag. But that's part of the problem too. No one wants to take less for their houses. Even though that is happening in the market. No one is paying prices from when the bubble started anymore. According to my research, this problem is only going to get worse. If we do get another wave of foreclosures, and I'm pretty sure we will, it's been predicted that we will go into another recession-depression. Actually, I didn't know we even got out of the first one. The banks are the problem, they are run by criminals. We all know about the LIBOR scandal and the rate fixing that's been going on. I am sure that's just the tip of the iceberg. What's it going to take to get justice? There needs to be a thorough prosecution of Jaimie Dimon and others. Then they should go to jail, I know! Maybe they should be put in stocks.Get it? From their manipulation of the stock market? How much fun would it be to see Jaimie Dimon in one of these?

                                       People always said I had a big imagination. Sigh.


  1. The idea that 'shelter should be a basic human right' sounds nice, but how could that work? Certainly not by just giving people 'free' houses. Right?

  2. Stocks? I'd vote for that. Out somewhere in the elements where the previously foreclosed home owners could pelt them with rotten vegetables and whatever else was handy. Ah, yes, the good old days!

  3. @notacynic. People get free houses from Habitat. Why can't that happen w/all the empty houses and so many people who have been forced out by this "Greater Depression"? God forbid, shelter, or healthcare, water, would be free.
    @ Jim, i do believe rotten vegetables would be the least of those criminals worries, with all the people they ripped off. They better hope there is no "Great Awakening" .

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  5. Thank you Busanalayali, come back again!