Sunday, July 8, 2012

No He Didn't!

Grandpappy Mitch must be eating the bath salts.
Mitch McConnell: Disclose Act is un-American –
 Nice to see he's against the Disclose Act. This zombie Mitch can't to be stopped. I take a lot of comfort in his citing the NAACP v Alabama. See? He's not racist. He's always looking out for Un-American legislation! He takes First Amendment rights to harass people seriously. He does it all the time to President Obama. In his enlightened opinion, Citizens United upholds the freedom of peoplerations. Yee-Haw! He usually doesn't have time to write articles in the newspaper. He is too busy fighting poverty. Kentucky is in the top 10 states in the country. World renowned for it's prize winning poverty. 10 States With The Highest Poverty Rates [PHOTOS]
It's easy to see that he is a man who cares about the people in his state.
Mitch Bob's Patriotism knows no end. He's made a whole career out of the First Amendment's freedom to tell the truth about the people in his state. He had dinner last night in this all American cozy cabin.

But you will never hear him say so, just like a real hero. The concerns of his constituents always come first. Hear him talking about his important work on poverty? It's all over Fox news. A real American like Mitch has high standards for all the legislation languishing in D.C.. Going after un-American activities is a priority to him. Reminds me of another Mc, somewhere in history.
We all know there's nothing worse than being un-American. Except for being poor in America.


  1. I've never understood why the bare-faced hypocrisy of McConnell and his merchants of evil corporate handlers aren't repulsive to all good Americans. Seriously, partisan politics aside, aren't people offended when a guy worth millions hands them a plate of bullshit and asks them to quietly clean their plate?
    I can't listen to this prick for more than about ten seconds without the urge to dive for the remote control or slit my wrists.

  2. But he has such a nice smile! ...;-)

  3. I can't understand how he keeps getting elected. Which tells me something is seriously wrong with our political process. It's just sad.