Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sorry Katrina, Maybe Next Time.

Fox news/Exxon/Romney/Tea Party/churches. This is what makes the U.S. the most laughable country in the civilized world. Their disbelief in climate change and evolution is especially painful.
Here in my part of the country we had a horrendous storm killing 3 people and leaving thousands without power.
I was one of the lucky ones. I was without power for only a couple of hours. This storm was a result of "extreme heat baking the east coast". Global warming anyone? Anyone except Republicans. The best part of the storm for me was having Chris Christie move his fat ass and order national guards to provide generators. I wonder if that's why the casino's have power while thousands go without. But I digress. One half of America is on fire, while the other half is clobbered by a "freak" storm. Bring on the fracking! Let's burn more coal!
American Dinosaurs in their Natural Environment, Sarah Palin not included, she's busy blowing John McCain

This week was pretty crazy with all the hysteria over the ACA ruling, that Republicans are already trying to repeal. Seriously. Every civilized country on the planet has a national healthcare system except the exceptional U.S. What really surprised a lot of us is that Roberts didn't side with Scalia and ruled that we could be taxed. Social Security is a tax too, but you don't see Republicans trying to repeal that do you? They will try to get rid of social security like a thief in the night, when no one is looking. Because we can all work till we drop dead and healthcare is something you have to earn through an employer based heathcare system, but wait a minute, We are in the middle of the Great Recession-Depression, and there's no jobs.
Hey! Maybe the new jobs bill will help! For the millions of unemployed. It doesn't do anything. It will definitely be good for the roads, and state employees, when it finally trickles down. There is so much construction going on in Jersey, it's hard to believe we will be able to get anywhere with all the clusterfucks on the highways here.
Here's what I think is funny, President Obama predicted last fall, that congress would only pass this bill before the coming elections because they were afraid of the wrath of their constituents. Do they even care? Are voters going to forget all of the Republican hate speech and their war on women and actually vote for them? Will it even matter now that a corporation is a person and you are really voting for a company. It's even funnier to watch Romney lie his ass off about how he hates "Obamacare" and his inconvenient truth of Romneycare. It's easy for him to tell the Tea Party idiots that he will repeal the ACA. When has he ever had to go without healthcare? I guess the Lord will provide for the rest of us.
Today Romney will bow his hypocritical pious head in church while I wonder if he even believes in dinosaurs?
I also wonder what happened to those dinosaurs?  Was it climate change? An Ice Age? I guess there's no such thing. I could go for an Ice Age right now, with the temperature hitting almost 100. Who knows, maybe I won't have to wait that long. 

                                                              Maybe not.


  1. I love the creationsism picture. It's so sweet, and yet so ... baby Raptor? Where are the parents? Planning their rip into Je-who?

  2. Patricia, that was a rant worthy of my own soapbox. Well written, heartfelt, and right on the damn money.

    We're in the worst drought in middle Tennessee since the dust bowl era, didn't have a winter night anywhere NEAR zero degrees (and we usually have several nights below zero) in the past two winters, our kids are paying more for their college educations than they'll ever make back by way of their degrees, and the Rightwingnutters are doing everything in their power to keep the boots of the rich firmly planted on the throats of the rest of us... and getting away with it because Sheeple are easy to manipulate.

    I have a positive attitude about the coming elections, though. Something tells me they may have overplayed their hands in the past two years with nation wide attacks on reproductive rights, birth control, Planned Parenthood, education, teachers unions, etc.
    I believe people are paying attention and just might punish the right side instead of the left.