Thursday, September 6, 2012

"The Game Is Rigged"

One of the most refreshing things about last night, was that there were actually some sane people speaking at last nights DNC. Sandra Fluke seems like a really extraordinary person. I liked her speech. What I don't like is the way this young woman was catapulted to fame, by Rush Limbaugh's hatespeech. Which is just unforgivable.
Elizabeth Warren also was really enjoyable, with her theme of  "The Game Is Rigged". Which really had me wondering. While she was speaking, I kept thinking about how President Obama basically sold this woman out. She should rightfully be the Director of The Consumer Protection Bureau, that she created.
 Instead, " Barack Obama issued a recess appointment to install Cordray as director through the end of 2013; this was highly controversial move as the Senate was technically in pro-forma session, and there is a possibility the appointment could be challenged in court."*
 He could have easily nominated Elizabeth Warren in this same manner, but he didn't. This was one of the things I personally was disappointed about. Indeed Elizabeth, "the game is rigged", and every one of us is a victim. Now she is running for the Senate in Massachusetts. I hope she wins, but I fear that Wall Street money will keep that from happening. That game is probably rigged as well.
Governor Clinton, is a really gifted speaker and laid out everything the President has done and the situation he found himself in was convincing and accurate. But, here again, I can't control my ADD, I start thinking about Glass-Steagle, how unraveling those regulations, set up our economy for disaster, ushering in Wall Street money, like nothing, since the 1920's. Also Clinton's supposed welfare reform. That didn't make sense to me either. It just filled me with dismay. Again I was struck by Elizabeth Warren's theme that the game is rigged.
Yesterday I wrote a post on Joe Biden's Middle Class Task Force. Something I had never heard of before. I was trying to figure out what he was going to say to the American people. Will he talk about this? Because the middle class is getting smaller and smaller, the game seems like it's rigged for them too. The middle class doesn't have corporate money for lobbyists, they don't even have enough money for next weeks groceries. So who is really interested in sustaining a growing middle class? It seems like Vice President Biden dropped the ball, as Chairman of The Middle Class Task Force, he should be pushing for more action. But all I can think is that "the game is rigged" and it's just more ideas about helping the middle class, that, well, stay ideas and never go anywhere.
So it's the last night of the DNC and more speeches will be made and maybe it's all just theater, keeping people thinking they actually have a choice between parties, while I'm thinking, "the game is rigged".

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  1. The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans on economic policy disappeared almost entirely during the Clinton years. One reason I'm so down on the two-party system.