Sunday, October 14, 2012

Poll Dancing

Hope this thing isn't a Diebold, or does it even matter?
If the polls can be believed, Romney is leading Obama, 49% to 47%
according to Gallup.  What will really decide this election are  one of  two factors. It will either be the candidate who wins the most electoral votes (I'm not going to get into  how obsolete and archaic this system is.) or it will be the Supreme Court, like the Bush-Gore coup of 2000.
Any way you look at it, money is in charge, and we are electing and sustaining a system that is unsustainable. Romney is just Bush in magic underwear. He loves government welfare as long as it's for corporations or millionaires. (earned income credit, energy subsidies, resource leases with prices that have stayed the same since the 70's) no subsidies for lazy 47% moochers who won't take responsibility for their own lives.
The only thing that can be said for the President is that it will be a kinder, gentler, status quo for the system and the average American with, maybe some shreds of the social safety net, (created during the last Great Depression) left in place. I think it's very interesting how deeply divided this country is. Socialism is now the dirty word to use against President Obama, instead of communism.
Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy, and a political philosophy advocating such a system. "Social ownership" may refer to cooperative enterprises, common ownership, direct public ownership or autonomous state enterprises. It's all there in Wikipedia. If Obama is a socialist, then I'll wear magic underwear. Maybe then I'll be able to see it. If the President is a socialist for giving people food stamps, then Romney's family fortune was built on the socialist welfare they took to come back to America after getting run out of this country, for being Morman polygamists. Elect Romney and elect another American dynasty to power like Bush.
 According to this poll 90 million people won't vote. Some people are too busy, I don't blame them for that. Our voting system is archaic, and thanks to the Diebold scandal the possibility that the machines are rigged is certainly there. Then there are the people who don't like either candidate. Most of them are no better off than they were 4 years ago, but Wall Street certainly is. There is a lack of trust for our political system. So they choose not to participate.
The perception is that megacorporations run this country and the President is just a front man. How else do you explain President Obama's turnaround from hope and change, to nope and give Republicans their "Grand Bargain" that he was NOT elected to give. People ARE disappointed in the President, they are entitled to be. Not because they didn't get the pony they wanted for Christmas, but because the President didn't deliver. There is the possibility that like FDR, President Obama needs more than one term to dig us out of this mess and he'll have more "flexibility". So I guess some of us are still hoping, while a lot of people have given up hope.


  1. I'll go with, "...needs more than one term...".

    Regardless of whether President Obama does or does not disappoint us again, the alternative is as scary as any scenario I can imagine, or have experienced in my lifetime. I've seen a lot of elections since LBJ, and I can tell you this one is absolutely the most important. If Romney is elected and the Republicans get control of Congress, we will never recover what few social nets we have.

  2. It is scary.They don't want any safety net. Anyone who votes for a Republican is voting for their own annihilation. The craziest thing is, the poorest Republicans that are collecting Social Security will vote Republican! It's amazing!

  3. I just read that Obama is ahead in early voting, i.e. absentee ballots and the like.

  4. That's why Republicans tried to stop early voting, along with supposed voter fraud. They knew Obama was going to come out ahead on that score. But we will see how many people believe the lies that Romney/Ryan tells.

  5. I don't think the president will deliver. It will be up to us, "the people", to drive him to it. The alternative is too grim, the full dismantling of anything we have left as a "safety net" would begin in earnest and we'll sink into the black hole of austerity that Europe is in. The same banksters are driving this, they're multinational corporations, and it's no real secret that we're next on their agenda.