Monday, December 31, 2012

My 2012 Retrospective

Sometimes it's good to dwell on the past. Some enlightened people call it "reflection". Looking at last year, I'm kind of surprised we're still here. The internet was rife with predictions of "Ascension". People leaving this dimension, either with or without their bodies and or clothing. I for one, was pretty disappointed to wake up on December 22 and have to go to work. Ascension seemed so much more exciting. I guess I was not enlightened enough to align my chakras and fly to the 4th dimension. Also, zombies and the apocalypse, another disappointment.
Outrunning zombies didn't seem that hard to me. I think it would be harder to align my chakra's. Maybe when we all go over the "fiscal cliff", we can ascend some where else, to a place that has a public option for healthcare and some decent gun control laws.
There were a lot of shenanigans going on with the election. Hilarity ensued during the Republican debates, when Rick Perry choked trying to name the government agencies he wanted to eliminate. Ron Paul suggested there were 5, Mitt Romney named the EPA. Proving that Romney really IS a nice guy! As long as you're not one of the 47%. Looking back on Romney and his religion, the planet Kolob (in The Book of Mormon) could be Mormon code for ascension. Think about it, where's Mitt Romney? has anyone seen him?
Lonesome George, the last of the Pinta Island tortoises, passed away at the Galapagos Island National Park, making his subspecies extinct. We are also witnessing the extinction of the GOP Reptile Party. Too bad George had to go first. He reminds me of another turtle, named Mitch. (see last post).
I think they are both the same age. Only Mitch McConnell has better healthcare. It seems strange to me that someone worth $17 million gets healthcare provided by the government. While people who can't afford it go without.
So, North Korea had two satellite parties, one an epic fail, one actually launched, but there is doubt about whether they really have control of it. Iran praised North Korea's successful missular presence. I guess everyone went back home after the excitement, the Korean people were hoping that a shower of food supplies would rain down on them during the launch. Also, the months and years of working for the state for free made the sacrifice so worthwhile, since now they can have "The Dish" satellite TV, yet nothing in their dish. Party On Pyongyang!
Two horrific incidents happened on September 11th. Neither of which I am going to joke about. One was the release of that stupid trailer, "The Innocence Of The Muslims" setting off riots in Libya, killing U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, with four other Americans. The fallout is still going on.
The other, the horrible fires in Karachi and Lahore that Walmart is ultimately responsible for. 315 died, 250 were injured. Why? Because Walmart found a time machine that could take garment workers back to the turn of the century, before any regulations or protections for American workers were in place. It's called Pakistan or any other country that has no labor standards, so American Corporations can exploit these human beings. Meanwhile in America, we still march to Walmart.
Which brings me to another disaster, Hurricane Sandy. I live in New Jersey. I was evacuated from my home.  I was lucky. I sustained no damage and was out of power for a while. I still talk to people who have lost cars, homes, possessions. Funding for states that have been hit hardest and have requested it, well, it still hasn't passed Congress. The irony is not lost on me that Governor Christie, the darling of the Republican Party is begging "big government" for help. Meanwhile, he refuses to set up insurance exchanges so people could have a chance of getting insurance they otherwise couldn't afford. I don't know what lessons Christie will take from this disaster, He seems to be very concerned about the people of New Jersey, unless they need healthcare.There are a lot of people trying to find affordable housing. Many people had their homes paid off and have no way of paying high rental prices. FEMA's goal is recovery, but what if you have nowhere to recover to?
The election of President Obama was quite a surprise for Karl Rove.
I don't know what, if anything, Anonymous did, but they have my vote, also for calling out Westboro Baptist, I refuse to call it a church, they wanted to disrupt the funerals in Newtown, Connecticut.
Which brings me to the sad tragedies in Newtown, and Aurora, Colorado and more. Too many places with too many assault weapons, guns and mental illness. I already blogged about it, American Psycho, on the right.
So it's New Years Eve. Now we get to "Auld Acquaintance". Hillary Clinton is in the hospital in NYC, with a blood clot in her brain She suffered a fall nearly two weeks ago. She was supposed to testify at the Benghazi hearings and was criticized by Allen West, who said she had the "Benghazi Flu". When will these guys ever shut their pieholes? Get well soon Hillary!
Have a Happy New Years Eve. Spend it with someone you love. I hope we're going to be ready for 2013.

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