Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Brave New Republicans?

In my last post, I wondered where Harry Reid was in these recent fiscal cliff negotiations. Then I read this article. I will quote from this piece verbatim. 

"With no bipartisan agreement about the debt ceiling, spending cuts and tax increases in sight, Boehner reportedly pointed at Reid and said, "Go f**k yourself." What are you talking about?" Reid asked. And Boehner again said, "Go f**k yourself."
This needs to be the end of John Boehner. 
I am aware that Boehner joined forces with Paul Ryan and the fiscal cliff bill was passed with the Bush tax cuts being permanent for lower and middle class incomes. I am also aware that this is the first bill Boehner put to the floor that did not have Republican majority support. Their backs were against the wall because they had to vote for the tax cuts for the middle class, even if it meant tax hikes for the wealthy. Now I understand why Vice President Biden and Mitch McConnell had to be the ones to hash out the agreement. This does not reflect in any way on Harry Reid. This is about John Boehner's desperate attempt to stay in power.  He has no business being third in line to the President and Speaker Of The House. When you are doing your job and working with people you may personally dislike, you don't have the option of telling them to go F*ck themselves without losing your job. You find a way to work together, personal feelings have nothing to do with business. 
In this article, Harry Reid asserted that that Congress was being "operated by a dictatorship"  I never had any faith in John Boehner anyway. However, if this is what Harry Reid and others have had to deal with for the last four years, it's no wonder things can't get done, and a miracle that bill got passed last night.
We don't have a muslim, socialist, communist President. We have a totalitarian, dictator Speaker of the House, who acts like a high school student, who shouldn't even be trusted with leading Student Council. Hopefully he'll be given his walking papers soon. It is obvious he is not a leader, he needs to go. 


  1. Patricia, I just responded to your comment on my own blobber, and basically (to repeat here) think Boehner is hamstrung by teabagger troglodytes who want his seat. He has to pander to these morons if he wants to keep the gavel, and we're far better off with him than with Cantor or any of the other flamethrowers in the House GOP. As obstinate as he might appear, Obama and Boehner can work together. Cantor and Obama wouldn't be able to agree on the shape of the table for the discussions.

    I don't like the asshole any more than you do, and think his slap at Reid was over the line. But Eric Cantor would bring this government to a complete halt if he had the chance. In this case, the lesser of two evils may still be evil, but we're at least given a shot at a functioning House of Reprehensibles with Boehner in the Speakers chair. The alternative is true gridlock, and we might very well have that in a few days when they vote for the Speaker again.

  2. What's crazy is that those are the choices. Both of them act like they are in high school. I get that Boehner is the lesser of two evils, that yesterday the gridlock ended, until the sequestration problem comes up. I wonder if Boehner has ever or will, tell the President to go f*ck himself? Nothing surprises me anymore.

  3. Boehner reportedly bragged about the "go f*ck yourself" afterwards, probably with the hope that it would get reported in the media, which it did. My guess is the whole thing was politically calculated, Boehner wanting to come off as tough, even mean, to Democrats, while he was, in fact, making a concession to them.

    I don't really care if Boehner stays or go as Speaker. It's the party that holds the House that's the real problem.

  4. Oh God, he bragged about it? Wow, all he comes off as is looking like an a'hole. Yeah, you're right, they are a problem. A problem that's not going to end anytime soon.

  5. Boehner claims to represent Cincinnati - true, but not so true. The majority of Boehner's district is in rural Preble County. I doubt he would be in office if his district was in a more urban and diverse area.
    While I will stop short of calling Boehner (and Mitchell) a racist - there is something more going on other than just partisan politics.