Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ding Dong, Grover Norquist Is Dead!

There are a lot of layers to this so-called "Fiscal-Cliff Deal". I like how these politicians waited till the last minute, like 6th graders with a book report due the next day. While everyone is distracted by the holiday, they strike a deal. I am always suspicious of these last minute agreements.
First of all, one of the most corrupt politicians in the U.S., Mitch McConnell, brokered this deal with Vice President Biden. Why was Harry Reid taken out of the conversation?
Second, this deal has once again, kicked the debt ceiling can down the road, which means another siege of tantrums and crying by politicians who don't care about doing the right thing.
Third, is the dark horse, Congress, that brainiac, "Plan B" Boehner can't control, they are going to have to approve this. There is already pushback. The holdouts that won't raise taxes on anybody ever. They might be considering this "deal", but their first considerations are always their own hides.
Taxes are going to go up for everyone no matter what is said and done. The payroll tax cut for the middle class will end. People making over $400,000 will be taxed 39.6% up from 35%.
 I don't know how much offshoring  people with $400,000-$450,000 do with their money. But one thing I'd like to know, is how are we ever going to get millionaires cash that's flowing to offshore accounts? Behold, FATCA, a new magical rule whereby the IRS requires offshore banks to report all U.S. account holders. So far only 7 nations have agreed to this. Doesn't seem terribly promising. FATCA goes into effect today.
Unemployment insurance was extended, as it should be, since Republican foolishness has kept the recession grinding on. The economy is improving little by little, in spite of them.
While the confetti is still falling and the back slapping continues, there is great relief all over the land.
However, something else might be trickling down. Congress, who lives in fear of the next election. They must be crapping themselves. What to do? Raising taxes could be very bad for Fright Wing political careers. John Boehner said on Nov.7, 2012 that, "The American people have also made it clear, there is no mandate to raise taxes".
Get out the Kleenex, because there's going to be a lot of crying, gnashing of teeth and carrying on.


  1. Okay, Boehner is a boozer - That is why the House did not address the "Cliff Deal" in the Senate - yesterday. Cantor was in charge today because Johnny was slleping it off.
    Cantor says, "No deal".
    Fine - then the tax cuts expire and the sequestration goes into effect - and Cantor and Boehner get the blame.

    Seventy-three weeks these incompetent losers we have in Washington have had to adress this matter and they have done nothing! I don't know about you; but this citizen is tired of partisan politics and brinkmanship decisions.

    No more of this holding America hostage to a political ideology....


  2. I don't think booze has anything to do with it. Look at Churchill, he drank 3 times a day, everyday and kicked ass. Boehner knows his goose is cooked. Cantor and Ryan know the camera's are on them and they are going to be the attention whores they are. The thing is, they have till Jan 3rd to get this deal done. Otherwise, it will be renegotiated all over again, which is exactly what conservatives want. yes I am tired of the whole thing. Congress critters answer to no one but corporations, millionaires and lobbyists. We don't matter.

  3. I've deliberately ignored every single report dealing with this totally manufactured "crisis", mainly because I'm disgusted with the entire process.

    We definitely don't deserve the government we're getting... or maybe we do when people like me can't bring themselves to even pay attention to what they're doing.

  4. Don't blame yourself. It's not you. It never was about you. This is about corruption, government grifters. Everyone's on the take, Then there is job security. The next election is 2 year's away, but these a'holes are in fastforward mode and projecting the displeasure of the Tea Party and the dirty word. "Revenue". That's what it's about. Remember who brokered this deal. McConnell, the man who wanted to make the President a one term President. He knew what would happen once that bill got to the Speaker of the House, don't underestimate McConnell, now he can go back to Kentucky and say he was "reasonable".