Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kick The Climate Change Can Down The Road

This is the Kyoto Protocol map of participating countries. Dark green, are the countries that participate. Purple, this would be Russia, originally Russia had binding targets, now, not so much. The green countries are without binding targets. The U.S. is orange, no intention of ratifying the treaty, no binding targets. Canada renounced the treaty. also, no binding targets. The U.S. was never a member of the Kyoto Protocols, we officially withdrew effective 2012
Do you think that the Government is ever going to get real with what we are all experiencing? Global warming is here, it is real. For the people who are still dealing with the aftermath of "Superstorm Sandy" It is not just an abstract, it's reality. The coastline has changed and people who thought they would be able to rebuild are going to find that impossible due to the flooding that has occurred even after the hurricane. FEMA has given only a partial reimbursement to those who lost their primary residence. These homes now have to be raised on pilings, due to new the new flood  zones outlined by FEMA. Many don't have enough money to rebuild. Maybe they shouldn't rebuild, and that is another reality, the rising seas due to the melting of the polar ice caps, have changed our landscape all along the coast.
Congress is so damn worried about what the deficit will do to our grandchildren. They are oblivious to what the climate will do to them.
We will continue to broil at hotter temperatures, all summer long. The droughts that have affected the midwest and more in the U.S.and  will continue in 2013.
Again, our country will be on fire.
So we have floods, fire and drought, can famine be far behind? I know no one is really interested in this with the deficit and gun control. However, it amazes me that climate change is affecting so many, yet we choose to ignore the fact that global warming is having a real impact on us all, right now. While we hear a bunch of nonsense about how broke we are. We are willing to let our kids and grandchildren live in an environment that will continue to deteriorate, and still we do nothing. So turn up the air conditioning this summer. The energy companies love it. Frack and destroy. Someone is getting rich, believe it. But it is okay to kick the "Climate Change Can" down the road.


  1. The "deficit", gun control, bogus "social" issues, these things are all smoke and mirrors to hide how much is at stake with climate change. Denial is a powerful thing.

  2. On behalf of color-blind people everywhere, I want to protest your maps. I had no idea which was green, which was dark green, and which was orange. I could tell that Russia, which you tell me is purple, was not the green, dark green or orange. But I count myself lucky that you didn't also color code anything on that map blue, which I often confuse with purple. Suggestion: if you must use green, use only one shade. If you use orange, please make it bright, orange juice orange, and don't put it adjacent to anything yellow. Yellow is a good color next to red or blue, but not next to green.

    As for the draught monitor map, fuhgedaboudid.

    Color blindness is a sex-linked condition, rather like baldness. Imagine confusing all the bald and partially bald people. That's a lot of people. Same with us color blind people. (And yes, I can easily distinguish between a red light, the color of cherry lollypops, with green lights, the color of pale lime lollypops.)

    Very crankily yours,
    The New York Crank

  3. Sorry about the color coded chart Crank. Jim, I talked with my daughter about this blog and my worries about climate change for her generation. She told me, "Don't worry Mom, we'll be ok. just really uncomfortable" That is just plain sad.