Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"We Don't Benefit From Ignorance"

Well, some people do. Like the NRA and this ridiculous commercial. Just for the record, I am not President Obama's biggest fan, especially when it comes to his use of drones. But he is doing the right thing in this matter. I guess it's just too much to ask the NRA to support universal background checks, ban military assault weapons and keep magazines at 10 rounds. But no, we have to endure more insanity from the NRA, because they represent gun manufacturers. They don't give a damn about the President's kids and they sure don't give a damn about your kids. Clearly, if they cared at all, Sandy Hook would never of  happened and we would have had saner gun laws a long time ago. When the NRA asks if the President's kids are more important than your kids and your kids deserve the same protection. Is that really the point? The President's children I am sure, are in a lot greater danger than my kids in Nowhere, New Jersey. That's not elitist, that's a fact. If we had some better measures like the President is suggesting, America could be a safer place.
The NRA is not only benefiting from ignorance, you better believe it is profiting from it. 
What's really amazing, is that President Obama showed the intestinal fortitude to get this job done by signing 23 executive actions. Unfortunately, getting universal background checks and other reforms are going to have to come from Congress. I can only think there is going to be nothing but pushback against this. The NRA has bought so many politicians, no one  has the guts to go against them.  What happened today was a step in the right direction. However, judging from the NRA's new PR assault, they are only interested in dragging us all back in a direction our country can not afford to go, not if we care about the President's kids and everyone else's.


  1. This American is going to try do something! I guess with one PTA meeting at a time - I am going to start a grass-roots campaign to make our schools, colleges, and universities weapons free zones and to see that assault weapons and high volume ammunition clips are banned.
    Please do this - email and also call legislators - from your mayor to the president and demand that something is done to stop gun violence in our community and especially in our schools!

    Join me in this. One PTA at a time...


  2. I almost threw up on the computer watching that.

  3. Sarge, I have already called my state representatives and Menendez is on board. The PTA is an interesting idea. I would be interested in hearing more from you on this. Kirk, even "Morning Joe Scarborough" was disgusted. Maybe that's progress. We will see what the recalcitrant Rethugs do in the wake of President Obama's actions.

  4. This is how Nations are torn asunder. Faced with the murder of children, Gun Nuts are declaring they will murder more in order to ensure another 30,000 Americans die from the flash of a muzzle.

    When Gun Loons declare the 2nd Amendment exists to protect us from the Tyrannical government ask them what government employee they plan to murder. But, what most frothing gun nuts mean is when the spark is lit they plan to TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK by murdering blacks, "leftists", mooching teachers, unions thugs, abortionists, and unchaste women like Sandra Fluke.

  5. You should read the local hate rag down here in middle TN denouncing this "power grab" by King Obama. Seriously. They're a lot more worried about the 2nd Amendment than they are about any of the others.