Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Men In Skirts

Scandal! The Pope resigned. The question is, why did it take so long? Surely it has nothing to do with the epidemic of sex and child abuse scandals. The Pope has been praised for making the heroic and historical decision to step down from his ungodly position. For a lot of people, he is nothing but a coward and a co-conspirator, covering up child rape all over the world. It is interesting that a past Pope Benedict* resigned in 1045, also under a cloud of scandal, though, it was financial.
What have we learned from Benedict's time as Pope? The Vatican launched an investigation leading to a crackdown on Nuns for their "radical feminism"! Stellar work there, Pope! I wonder if any of these nuns were ever accused of raping little boys? 
Did you know covering up the rape and torture of children was costly? 
The Associated Press estimated the settlements of sex abuse cases from 1950 to 2007 totaled more than $2 billion.[21] BishopAccountability puts the figure at more than $3 billion in 2012.
I am guessing that the Vatican will never run out of money. Just like there will be no end to the suffering of thousands of children at the hands of the priests of the Catholic Church. Because this shit is STILL going down.
So, now that Pope Cover-Up is stepping down, what other evil will take his place? There is some suggestion that a "moderate" archbishop with more centrist views from South America is a front runner. Why, oh, why, does this guy sound like the Ronald Reagan of priests?  (Just say "No" to little boys.) Will he be "moderate" when it comes to Catholics using condoms to prevent AIDS? Will the new Pope charge the Vatican to investigate the wave of crime committed within this institution for decades? Will there ever be justice for the thousands of tortured children, not to mention the millions that starve while the Pope sits on billions of dollars of art and artifacts? 
 I think that Catholics worldwide should demand an Inquisition of every pedophile priest and lock up these rapists. Instead of being sent  to other parishes, where they start raping all over again. 
No matter who is chosen to be the next Pope, it's going to be "meet the new boss, same as the old boss."
If the new Pope wants to stop people from leaving the Catholic church in droves, he needs to clean the Vatican house and prosecute the criminals they have been protecting. Then sell off all the Vatican assets and really live the vow of poverty they take. The Pope and the Catholic church has no business preaching to anyone, when they can't even live up to their own standards. Did you know no one has ever been excommunicated for sexually abusing children? Thank God, I excommunicated myself from the evil that is the Catholic Church, a long time ago.
Read Christopher Hitchen's excellent article "The Pope's entire career has the stench of evil about it" Pope Benedict XVI resigns: Hitchens assesses pedophilia and corruption in the Catholic Church. - Slate Magazine


  1. Pope Benedict XVI has never impressed me. Well, his membership in the Hitler Youth alarmed me.
    Did we want another Pope Pius - Hitler's Pope?
    But, being fair - what were the consequences of refusing to join Hilter Youth during the late 30's?
    While I condemn tha Catholic church for turning a blind eye to and even covering up the actions of pedophile priests - the force of law isn't with the archdioses - It is with the prosecuting attorney - Yes, I am delighted to see that some Bishops who covered up for these monsters went to jail.
    I have seen but one priest get defrocked in my life - Father Ken, Keith, Kevin - shit, so long ago. Thailand in '75. The man was sitting in the USO having lunch when one of the go-go dancrs at the NCO Club - Tuyet, came in there for lunch. I think it was Ken. Tuyet was hot!
    Anyhow, he told me about this later over a beer that when he first seen her that it was like everything stopped. He started showing up at the NCO Club in civies - conversing with the flock like any good shepard should do.
    Soon I seen him and Tuyet downtown.
    Well, rumors get spread and soon he was confronted by the brass over this unseemly relationship that he had with this woman.
    It went by steps all of the way to the Cardinal in Manila who defrocked him. You will not believe this - the Cardinal last name was "Sin".
    Naturally, he was made to resign his commission.
    Before doing so, he married Tuyet and got her a passport and flew her to the US.

    So, not all pervert priests like little boys - some like little girls.


  2. Wow Sarge! That is quite a story. I have never heard anything like it. It all comes from trying to enforce the insane and medieval celibacy requirement on priests. I don't think it turns them into pedophiles, I just think it enables the ones that are, to hide themselves within that framework.

  3. I've always thought that it allows men with unresolved sexual issues to operate in a milieu which allows them to avoid seeking help for their problem. The fact that they are allowed contact with youngsters, and have an unquestioned position of authority then allows them to act on their baser urges.