Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fifty Shades Of Sexist

It's Women's History Month and we've come a long way baby, that's something I think everyone can appreciate. Especially the folks at CNN. In case you don't know there is quite a lot of fallout over their coverage of the Steubenville rape verdict and their sympathetic coverage of the rapists. What makes it particularly egregious is that these women reporting for CNN at no time questioned their bullshit "reporting".  It's idiotic "reporting" like this that makes me glad I don't have cable TV anymore. Here's a petition you can sign. You could paper the entire globe with petitions before the violence against women will ever stop.
There was another gang rape in India, that was just the one that was reported. Worldwide more than 250,000  women are raped annually. It's not only what some people call a "culture of rape" it's more like an epidemic. When you have morons on CNN identifying with criminals or Fox, who actually outed the victim, how helpful is that and how is anything ever going to change? Way to keep a sister down.
Thank God the "Violence Against Women Act" was extended 138 representatives in Congress voted against it, 22 in the Senate. Let me guess, who could have voted against this?
   The fact that we even need a "Violence Against Women Act" is probably due to these jackasses and their sexist attitudes.
Do they have mothers? Sisters? Daughters? Unfortunately the violence goes on and on.
I personally have had way to many experiences dealing with sexist men on my daily jog. Catcalls, honking and one guy stopped his car and asked me if I wanted a ride. When I declined  he got upset and sarcastically yelled "SORRY! " One woman I related this incident to said to me, "That must have made you feel good." Meaning it was some kind of compliment. Not only do you have to tolerate idiotic women, but the men who feel entitled to stop you on your way and when you turn down their advances they get all butthurt because you don't want to get in a car with some random freak. These are just the little things that go on daily in every woman's life. That doesn't include years of stupid sexist behavior like being groped or being asked by your boss to pleasure him with oral sex in exchange for the vacation time you rightfully earned. Lets not even get into the dating world where if a guy buys you dinner or drinks he feels entitled to sex or at the very least grabbing you and well you get the picture. (This is why I always pay my own way, but that doesn't always work either.) I realize that not all men act like this, however it's this kind of aggressive behavior that is not only condoned but then you have women who think that it's flattering. The experiences I have endured don't constitute violence, it's more like a sense of entitlement that some men have and a mindset that somehow this kind of behavior is acceptable. Which brings me back to the Steubenville rape case and the fact that the criminals who perpetrated their act of violence were only caught because they posted the pictures of  the crime online. Meaning, that they thought raping a sixteen year old unconscious girl was some kind of lark. Something to post online for all your friends to see. For anyone who has a daughter of any age, a sister, a mother or a friend, just knowing that there are people with this kind of attitude is frightening. Rape is going on daily, only not every rapist is stupid enough to photograph his criminal activity and post it on Facebook.
So hear we are in the year 2013, celebrating Women's History month. Pardon me if I don't bust out the champagne.


  1. Go get 'em, girl!

    We're right behind you.

    (If not in front.)


  2. A lot of those same 22 senators are also against abortions for victims of rape.

  3. A lot of those same 22 senators are also against abortions for victims of rape.

    And at least one of those anti-abortion Republicans I think I shall now be sick.

  4. How did I mess up that comment? I was supposed to link this... at least one anti-abortion congressman pressured his mistress to get an abortion.

    I think I shall now be sick.

  5. Hi Patricia, it's a good thing you didn't break out the champagne. Women's history month? I guess N. Dakota picked the perfect month to pass this law.............


    So when can I expect a special Polygon post?

    1. Sorry, law has passed the State Senate, and House. But the Republican Governor can still veto. (Shaking Head)