Sunday, March 31, 2013

What Would Jesus Do?

The Pope trotted out the shroud of Turin for all to see. Too bad radio carbon dating has placed the shroud to about 1260-1390 AD. But I wouldn't want to let science get in the way of a mysterious relic. I think that we have a lot of present day objects that could become future relics.
Jesus isn't just present in the Shroud Of Turin, he's everywhere.

Something miraculous could happen while you bite into your Easter candy, so be on the lookout!
 It's almost like a miracle occurred ever since the news that Francis has decided against staying in the Vatican apartment provided for him, preferring to stay at the hotel Casa Santa Marta with all his other Cardinal buddies as if they all aren't living a life of luxury there. Another miracle occurred, when the Pope washed some inmates feet including, shocker! two women. But women still can't be priests, take birth control or get an abortion. Happy Easter, unless your a woman or your poor, things still suck for you. The most corrupt organization on the planet celebrates the resurrection of a man who by all accounts was homeless and had very little material worth, while priests and the Pope live in splendor sitting on billions of dollars I have to wonder, what would Jesus do?
                                                      Happy Easter.


  1. Great post!

    Happy Easter!


  2. Since nobody knows what Jesus looked like, all these "miracles" might as well be pictures of Ted Neely.

  3. That bottom one is a picture of Hulk Hogan.