Tuesday, April 23, 2013

American Exceptionalism

Did you know President Bush is making a comeback? According to what I read 47% of people approve of him and 50% don't. When he left office he had a 33% approval rating so now 47% is headline worthy. That is pretty surprising, what is more surprising is that he built a library. It doesn't seem to me that "W" spent a whole lot of time reading, especially when it came to the briefs he received on terrorism when he was in the White House. What really weirded me out during the research I was doing to find out if Bush actually read any of his briefs was this;
"That same day in Chechnya, according to intelligence I reviewed, Ibn Al-Khattab, an extremist who was known for his brutality and his links to Al Qaeda, told his followers that there would soon be very big news. Within 48 hours, an intelligence official told me, that information was conveyed to the White House, providing more data supporting the C.I.A.’s warnings. Still, the alarm bells didn’t sound".  Because "Shrub" didn't think Osama Bin Laden was a problem.
This was from July 9th 2001. 
Fast forward to April 2013, it looks like the FBI may have screwed up and that even Russia thought that the older brother who plotted the Boston Bombing was a problem. 
It's a good thing we have Bush's Patriot Act* to keep us more secure. " that stands for Uniting (and) Strengthening America (by) Providing Appropriate Tools Required (to) Intercept (and) Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001." There was a re-authorization that President Obama signed which would "Permit surveillance against a so-called lone wolf, a non-U.S. citizen engaged in terrorism who may not be part of a recognized terrorist group." Yeah, how's that workin' out? I just feel really confused as to why we have this legislation that is supposed to keep us safe, that didn't keep us safe. We traded our rights for security. A security that just doesn't exist.
So now I guess there's going to be a big ole' committee and investigation that will end up going nowhere and doing nothing. Because these morons that represent us couldn't even pass a Gun Safety Act.  I don't know if a background check would have kept the two brothers who bombed Boston from carrying out their terrorist act or not. Could it keep future terrorists from carrying out future threats? I guess we'll never know.
The FBI and Homeland Security had all these tools that the Bush Administration bequeathed to them to no avail. 
When Bush decided to murder innocent people in his "War On Terror" he only succeeded in more terror being carried out. This is really Bush's legacy.  I wonder if there will be a copy of "My Pet Goat" in his library?
*Patriot Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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  1. You conspiracy theory fucks can stand down! Bush thought that to be a truly great president that you had to be a "wartime" leader of the people. He admired, Roosevelt, Truman, Nixon, and even Margaret Thatcher. This was GW and his arrogant lust for power. Now, that isn't to say that he did not have Cheney whispering in one ear and Karl Rove the other - "You are the President, you are the president, your are the decider, it is you". GW would immediately rush to the his private john and wack off. Once he returned he would ask - "What should I do"?
    "Invade Iraq", Cheney cried! "Thay will welcome us a saviors", Rove screamed.
    "But, what about Colin Powell", Bush asked?
    "George Tenet" will take care of Powell; every heard of Condi Rice"? "Isn't she that fine black wench from Alabama; has a space between her teeth", George offered with smile? That's her. Now, her breath does reek of stale fish".
    "I don't understand; why would someone want to eat stale fish"? Mister President; Rice is a Lesbian"! "So where in the hell is Lesbosia at anyway". "She is gay! She likes women", Rove urged. "Okay, but what about the fish"?

    The war in Iraq was GW's ego.