Sunday, April 7, 2013

Chain Of Fools

I'm confused. President Obama has proposed  "chained CPI" in his budget proposal. Something that wasn't even included in Paul Ryan's budget. Let's see, cuts to Medicare and Social Security, does that mean I can cut my FICA tax from my paycheck? 
"Now is the time... to protect Social Security for future generations." 
 Yes, President Obama really said that.
From what I have been reading, this is the carrot that he is holding out to the GOP. Now if memory serves me correctly, the President thought that the sequester would never happen either, because it would be a kind of financial suicide for the Republicans. 
Robert Reich explains that this is not necessary.
There's a whole generation of people who already believe there will be no Social Security for them when they reach retirement age.  
I am not sure I understand why it's okay to screw the elderly over. How is that a "Grand Bargain"? 
It's not very funny, but George Carlin was right. We are not in "the club". The idea that a President that is supposedly a Democrat would do this is ludicrous. That is why I don't  believe there is any such thing as a Democrat or a Republican party any more. They are one and the same. They are all owned by lobbies. If corporations are people and the elderly can just suck it then just say goodbye to any social contract America ever had. How is it that President Obama is serving the people of America with his "Grand Bargain"? Politicians are all tools. They prove it every time they want to take something away from the people who work hard, pay their taxes and vote in every election. Our government is a global joke. 
Why is it we always have money to make war? 
There's always money for this bullshit.
Taking care of senior citizens or the poor? A real jobs program for the unemployed? Nope, no money for that. But there's money to move missiles to Guam,  so we CAN all pay attention to what's going on in North Korea. Just let's not look to  closely at what is going on right under our noses. 
Gun control? Oh hell no. Just regulate the shit out of abortion and birth control, because vaginas are out of control. Seriously?
Global warming? No such thing. No evolution either. 
Money to bail out banks? Oh yeah, we got that covered. 
America is a myth. This is not a Democracy it is an Oligarchy. It is contemptible what passes for democracy in this country.  The American people just don't matter. Selfishness and greed are worshiped. There is no doubt that any sort of equality has vanished in this country when you have a government that is above the law.  What I am waiting for is the next war.  Because that's a money making venture that our government can really get behind.  Taking care of it's citizens? Only fools would do that.


  1. If the President make a change in how the annual cost of living increases are figured upon that will cost the average US citizen about $4 a month. A six pack of cold Miller Lite tall cans (16 oz) cost $6.78.
    Now, that measily four bucks spread nation-wide amounts to some serious money.
    Is Obama taking money from the Vets, Seniors, and the poor to finance a war? Last I heard - He got our troops out of a war in Iraq that GW
    Bush started and we are getting our asses out of Afghanistan.
    North Korea right now is unpredictible.



  2. It would be a really horrible thing if the first African-American president, a Democrat, becomes known to posterity as the guy who presided over the dismantling of Social Security.