Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Global Insecurity, Homeland Insecurity

When I found out about the bombings at the Boston Marathon, I was at work. I finally got a break and jumped on the internet to find out what happened, there were a lot of videos I just couldn't watch, I feel so sorry for the people whose lives and bodies have been ripped apart by this horrible tragedy.
I am a really visual person, I have to shield myself from violent videos or news shows that play traumatic footage over and over, I find it so painful to see what human beings to do each other. It makes no sense to me.
People for some reason, choose to act out or express themselves, by making bombs, that hurt, kill and traumatize people. It freaks me out that people actually make things that will destroy. It is way easier to cause destruction than to create something beautiful. I spend most of my time trying to create something beautiful, many times I fail. I can't wrap my head around the fact that there are people in the world that are in such a dark and twisted place that they spend their valuable time on this planet planning chaos.
Bombs go off world wide on a daily basis. 
I wonder how much we care about the landscape of carnage that goes on in the Middle East, the way we do about Boston or Oklahoma City? I wonder if this violence is connected, the way we all are on this planet. We make war on each other daily in this country and we make war world wide.
Now the search is on for the culprit or culprits that perpetrated this horrible act. Will it be a terrorist? Will it be a mentally ill individual? I am sure that they or whomever, will eventually be caught. But will we ever address the need for a peace movement, world wide? Because the bombs need to stop.
Looks like Iraq had serial blasts that killed 33 people yesterday. 14 car bombs, 3 roadside bombs, went off in 7 cities. We had two bombs go off  yesterday in Boston, that is two too many, however, there are people dealing with this kind of destruction on a daily basis. As far as Iraq goes, it is our fault, since we destabilized that country in 2003. But I don't see any outrage or sorrow about that.
Violence is wrong any where anytime. It achieves nothing but ruined lives and families that will never be the same. Families all over the world are enduring the same sorrow and trauma the people in Boston are today.
When can we come together and say enough to violence made on anyone, anywhere? When can we lay down the nukes, destroy the drones and get rid of the guns? Because in a peaceful world we wouldn't need any of them. That is a landscape I would like to see. I wonder if we will ever be civilized enough to create peace?


  1. Pat,
    I loved your post. Sadly, things like Boston, OKC, mosques in Iraq - and Newtown too; are just going to happen.

    Lets just find the person(s)behind this. Shit, lock their ass(s) in Florence and make mushrooms of them...
    Actually, open population at a Federal maximum security prison like at El Reno, Oklahoma or Terre Haute would work too. "Come here, bitch"...



  2. Thank you Sarge, I just feel so sad. Maybe these things are just going to happen. I just will never understand why.

  3. "As far as Iraq goes, it is our fault, since we destabilized that country in 2003. But I don't see any outrage or sorrow about that."

    So true.