Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Miscarriage Of Justice

Ya Think?
 Sandra Day O'Conner's confession that well, maybe, the Supreme Court shouldn't have decided the outcome of a presidential election. A decision that sent the United States into a war for profit, hundreds of thousands dead and an economic depression we call the "Great Recession." Trillions of dollars wasted, millions of lives ruined, so that a dynasty could endure and what amounts to throwing out at least 50,000 American votes. We have had a battle royale going on with the gun nuts and their second amendment rights. But there is no outrage over the fact that votes weren't counted. That the election of George W Bush did not occur and now Sandy wants to get rid of her guilt by saying, Whoops! That was a mistake? Are you f'ing kidding me? 
54,000 people were purged from the Florida voting rolls, under the leadership of Jeb Bush. Military ballots were thrown out. A" Volusia Error" occurred when 412 registered voters somehow voted for George Bush 2,813 times on Diebold machines and unbelievably Diebold is still in business, owned by Walden O'Dell, a top Bush fundraiser.
I don't know if Sandy is senile or WTF her problem is now, but she and her fellow Supreme's are responsible for the mess this country is STILL in, along with Bush.
The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to stop the recount. A recount that should have been put before the House of Representatives as the Constitution mandates. But all that was thrown out the window. You can take away the right to vote. But what if the Supreme Court decided to take away over 50,000 peoples guns? That's what really gets me. There would be rioting in the streets and shoot outs galore (well, there are anyway) if a decision like that was made about guns.
There is so much wrong in this country to THIS DAY because of this old fart.
There is a hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay that President Obama is finally giving some attention to, a situation that wouldn't have occurred if it wasn't for the installation of the Bush regime. That's right Sandy, that's part of your legacy too, along with torture. The families who lost their children, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers in the War On Terror, will never be the same because of you.
We know that "At an election night party, Sandra Day O'Conner became upset when the media initially announced that Gore had won Florida, her husband explaining that they would have to wait another four years before retiring to Arizona ." But that's not conflict of interest right?
Oh, the wonderful legacy of George Bush you gave us, I will fondly remember him rubbing Angela Merkel's shoulders and  the shoes being lobbed at him, "for all the widows, orphans and everyone who died in Iraq." Someone should throw their shoes at you. 
Like The Onion reported, thanks to you and your co-horts decision, "our long national nightmare of prosperity and peace is over."  
The wreckage you have left trailing behind you because of your supreme cooperation, in one of the darkest decisions in U.S. history, may only be surpassed by Citizens United. 
I would like to know why? Why now, is there this guilt? Why now, do you think that your decision added to the problem, are you trying to distance yourself from war criminals? 
Justice O'Conner, there's no such thing as justice, when you can't trust the decisions being made by the highest court in the country. 
The Supreme Courts decision in Bush vs Gore is the best reason why we should have a popular vote for a presidential election. No Supreme Court decisions, no electoral college, throw away and all the rigged voting machines. Maybe if that happened, it would make up for the hijacking of the U.S., by the Supreme Court, maybe.


  1. Sorry about that little coup d'état, she seems to be saying.

    Never let anyone tell you that one vote can't make a difference--as long as you're on the Supreme Court.

  2. Good stuff here. The best line, though, goes to the Onion. What a pitiful group of miscreants we have "governing" us.

  3. It's tragic all the dead, disabled, and maimed can't benefit from Sandra's "mulligan".