Sunday, May 19, 2013


Hey IRS, while your at it, can you go after Westboro Baptist? 
 How long do you think it's going to take for the GOP to start the impeach Obama train? All aboard! Because every weekend people tell Michelle Bachman they want Obama impeached. On my way home from work I saw some Tea Party wingnuts out in the rain, with a table and a petition and a big ole sign
saying, IMPEACH OBAMA! Ya know what?  It'll probably happen. Every time I think that Republicans would never do (insert crazy backward action) they go ahead and drag the country through all kinds of nonsense, just to prove to Americans that they are idiots.
This week there have been scandals on Benghazi talking points, the IRS went after the name Patriot and Tea Party but the worst is the surveillance of AP journalists, provoking all kinds of comparisons to Nixon.
  There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.
Governor Bobby Jindal, (R) has accused President Obama of bearing the responsibility of the IRS scandal. Even though no direct links can be found from President Obama's 2012 election  to the IRS.  The Obama administration appointed Steven T Miller, IRS chief in November 2012, after the five year term of the Bush appointee, Douglas Shulman, ended. According to mathematics, I am pretty sure the scrutiny of Tea party 501(c)4 status was implemented under Shulmans tenure. 501(c)4 exempt tax status can't be granted to an organization that is primarily engaged in political activity. Questions about whomever applies for 501(c)4 status is valid and legal. 501(c)4 status allows donors to remain anonymous. If a group lies about their political status it is a violation of the tax code.
 It may very well be that the IRS scandal isn't really a scandal at all. What IS scandalous is that Westboro Baptist has this tax exempt status to wreak havoc at whomever's funerals they choose to protest. Please, oh, please, if there is a God, let the IRS audit Westboro Baptist. If President Obama's administration IS unfairly targeting conservative groups, isn't Westboro Baptist the most conservative of them all?
Bobby Jindal suggests IRS officials deserve "jail time" for targeting conservative groups. I can think of a lot of government officials that deserve "jail time" for lying about WMD's, targeting a country that had nothing to do with 9-11, leading Americans into a war that didn't have to happen. No one suggested impeachment or even a hint of a scandal then.
I have said over and over that I am not President Obama's biggest fan. I have a problem with his use of drones, his continuation of polluting the Treasury with banking cronies, ad nauseum.
 The AP journalists issue  is probably the most serious. Then again, I wonder where all this outrage was under the Bush Administration? I also wonder if we even have any such thing as a free press any longer?
The last impeachment of a president?
Yeah, I see how it is.



  1. It's my hypothesis Patricia that Republicans and conservatives believe by screaming Scandal! SCANDAL!!! SCAAAAAANDAAAAAL!!! over and over they can cause a fatigue in the Nation which will make Americans give in to their tantrums and so that years from now they can declare, 'Don't you remember how bad it was under Obama?!?' without people recalling it was the concerted efforts of conservatives.

  2. Gene, based on the evidence, your hypothesis is correct. I know that scandal fatigue has had an effect on me. It makes me hate the Fright Wing more.

  3. I think the real IRS scandal is that they didn't give more scrutiny to Tea Party groups.