Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hell In A Handbasket

One thing that kind of took me by surprise this week was the rise of Maverick McCain, breaking away from the GOPee Party, after Harry Reid pulled a "nuclear option." The political process is so broken I pretty much have given up "hope for change." Bob Corker literally called "bullshit" when Mitch McConnell tried to fake a better deal, he maybe, could have made regarding President Obama's nominees.
I was surprised Harry Reid did anything, since he couldn't even get a half assed gun control law passed after the massacre at Newtown.
Then President Obama made a speech about what it's like to be profiled, which was slammed  in Esquire magazine. The thing is, there may be a DOJ investigation into the laws that allow you to get away with murder in this country. But I have no faith that anything is going to change since no bankers have been prosecuted for the mess they caused in 2008 that over half the people in this country are still struggling to dig themselves out of. So I am not sure how much is going to change as a result of the Rethugs supposed fleeing from Mitch McCon's racist "lets make Obama a one term President" motivations.
 The DOJ hasn't impressed me one bit since there's a big difference between the words legal and justice. We have a LEGAL system not a JUSTICE system. It is another example of our broken democracy. It seems like everything coming out of MSM, politicians mouths and even the Supreme Court, has to be parsed for half truths, evasions and outright lies. Corruption at every level of government is rampant. The message is that lobbies own the message. That a "nuclear option" will be trotted out to make it look as if anything is going to change, by a man who is owned by the NRA is both laughable and sad.
 How is it possible that a man got out of his car with a concealed weapon, chased a kid who was walking down the street, shot him and gets off scott-free, resulting in thousands of people protesting? I don't care if Trayvon Martin was or was not a drug dealing thug, you just can't go around shooting people you don't like, can you? 
Then there's the whole NSA scandal, which, while we're all too busy looking at all the other craziness going on, we're still being spied on by our own government. You can't tell me that money isn't being made hand over fist by corporations and politicians with all the data being collected on millions of innocent people. All the spying money can buy didn't stop the Boston Bombers.
What is really amazing is how most Americans are comfortable with all this. It looks like this country is regressing, forget about evolving, almost half the people in the country don't believe in evolution. America is in a bad way and most people don't know or don't care.
I understand why thousands of people are protesting the Trayvon Martin verdict, but why aren't they protesting the insane gun laws wreaking havoc in our society?  We live in a country that is so deeply divided about so many things that nothing can move forward. Maybe that's the whole point. Divide and conquer.
 Are we going to continue going down this path and still think we are the home of the free and everyone's equal under the law?
Because it seems like those concepts went out the window years ago. We need a Justice Department that will actually enforce the law, we need a Senate and Congress that can actually work together for the good of the country, not the good of corporations. We need a President who keeps his promises to the people and fights for them, instead of setting records for persecuting whistle blowers. 
There is a political agenda being perpetrated upon us. You can see who it is working for and it ain't us. 

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  1. With the exception of a few minor points; Amen!