Sunday, July 14, 2013

License To Kill

That smirk say's it all.
I used to live in the sinkhole state of Florida, specifically, Sanford, Florida. I rode horses in the orange groves, had dinner with Cuban ex-pats,and went to the Winn-Dixie. Lucky for me I never had to stand my ground.
Sometimes I think that Texas is like another country, Florida is too. If people down the street from me in NEW JERSEY hang the old "Star's and Bars" on their door, you really don't have to think much about racism, to know that it's alive and well in Florida. I saw it. EVERYWHERE. 
Remember, it took a campaign by Trayvon Martin's parents that  prompted nationwide protests, to arrest George Zimmerman, he  walked free for 6 weeks after he killed Trayvon Martin. I wonder if  Zimmerman wasn't carrying a gun, how different things would be for him and the Martin family? Thousands of people die every year because of our out of control gun laws. The carnage never ends. Corporations and the NRA write gun laws.We don't have to read about the bygone days of the Wild West, it's alive and well all over the US. There's money to be made and gun nuts will hand it over.
I imagine gun sales will be booming after this verdict.
"Fucking punks. These assholes, they always get away," Well, looks like Zimmerman got away this time. 
I wonder how the rest of the world looks at us? Maybe if they visit they should bring a bullet proof vest. 
All you need to do in Florida to get away with murder is to stalk your victim, provoke a fight, get a bloody nose and some cuts on the back of your head, then end it all with a bang! Oh and just wait until Zimmerman writes his book about this sorry adventure. It's a rags to riches and probably back to rags story, after he pays his lawyers.
I have this theory about no one being accountable for anything any more. From the CEO's of corporations, to government officials and now we see a guy get away with murder, even though he was told by a 911 dispatcher not to follow his victim. This is the new normal in America.
This is only a guess, but I am thinking there will only be more "accidental" "stand your ground" or "oops!" shootings, thanks to this verdict.
No logic needed when standing your ground, just point and shoot.
Lots of Americans think our justice system is the "best in the world," remember O.J. got away with murder too and like O.J., there will probably be a civil suit, since the Martin family couldn't get justice with a jury trial. 
So what's the lesson here? That profiling is ok, furthermore it's legal. Stalking someone is ok too. When the kid you're stalking turns around and starts kicking your ass, pull out a gun and shoot, no problem. If you are black and wearing a hoodie, don't walk and please, don't run. If your a volunteer vigilante and you do murder someone, go on Fox News and tell Sean Hannity that it was "God's plan" for your victim to die. Apparently that kind of PR works. Oh and white kids are safe in America.

*pic from NY Post


  1. Zimmerman's innocent until proven guilty. Problem is, with that insane "stand your ground" law, it's impossible to prove someone's guilty. Picking a fight--which is what I believe Zimmerman did--is not standing your ground. Might as well legalize murder.

    1. Kirk,
      Sadly, you are right with your very last statement. Here it is - If you think that you have to pack a gun to feel safe; then I would suggest that you change your playgrounds and playmates...



    2. People are not innocent until found guilty. They are presumed innocent in the eyes of the law until found guilty. That is an entirely different thing. O.J. was guilty of murder regardless of what the jury said, and so is George Zimmerman, who stalked and killed an unarmed teenager. And if you think six ignorant women in one of the most racist cities in America are going to change that fact, well, forget it.

  2. Here's another idea. One shouldn't beat the shit out of another person unless you know the other person doesn't have a gun with which to defend himself.

  3. Hey Bill, you sure do like to troll blogs and spew nonsense.
    Bill said...

    For sure, Patricia! That Bill Clinton! Wow! Where was he coming from? Then there are all of those other haters. You know. The one's who hate anyone with strong religious beliefs. Like people who think snipping the spinal cord of a, born alive, baby, is immoral. Go figure.
    Look familiar?
    I am guessing your the kind of guy who wants vagina's regulated, but not guns.
    I hope you and your guns will be very happy together.

  4. Troll = Read
    Spew Nonsense = Doesn't Agree with You

    I just love libs!

  5. I can see from that comment on Erin's blog that you believe in the sanctity of life, just not Trayvon Martin's. That's what I love about conservatives, no logic needed!

  6. I do believe in the sanctity of life! I also believe that one has the right to defend one's self. Logic missing? The case against Zimmerman should have never been brought. It was a purely political prosecution. A travesty of justice.

    1. He went out looking for trouble.

  7. No one is safe in America, just the rich.

  8. I know what can fix the gun problem quick. We need a stereotypical "angry black man," the likes of Malcolm X, to again begin exhorting black citizens that "Violence is as American as apple pie," and encouraging them to arm themselves, go down to the gun store, or Walmart, and buy AK-47s with 100 round magazines.

    Watch. All of a sudden there'll be pressure to tighten up on gun sales, background checks, magazines, and automatic weapons.

    Very crankily yours,
    The New York Crank

  9. Hey everyone, thanks for all your comments. That verdict was pretty depressing, but thanks to Cranks idea, I think we're on to something!