Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Power To The People

While Americans get ready to celebrate their independence, Egypt's been busy overthrowing it's government for the 2nd time. Some say that it's a military coup and foreign  influence had a hand in it. I say Egyptians got fed up with a leader who made promises and didn't deliver, instead he set up a dictatorship.

Revolution can be a dangerous business and expensive for out of control cops, Oakland Occupy was awarded $1 million. Explosives were thrown at peaceful protestors who sustained hearing loss and burns. Police reacted unconstitutionally with violence and repression and aren't held accountable for anything. Happy Independence Day!
Edward Snowden is still on the loose for leaking information to Americans about the US spying on Americans. The UN or just Ban Ki Moon has condemned Snowden for "digital misuse, causing problems."
While the US caused a problem for the Bolivian President and grounded his plane in Austria and still no Snowden, causing an international incident and pissing off South America.
I am starting to get dizzy. But I'm not finished.
Uncle Alzheimer's a/k/a James Clapper the most senior intelligence officer, claims he forgot about the Patriot Act. Now I've heard everything. He “simply didn’t think.”  I am thinking, nothings going to happen to him either, since no one is accountable for anything anymore. Maybe Snowden wasn't thinking either, or Bradley Manning. I doubt that defense would work for them.
Weird, that Uncle Alzheimer's makes no connection between terrorism and spying on Americans. I guess our secrets are safe with him since he can't remember anything.

 The Declaration Of Independence was adopted, on July 4th, however, it seems as if  this experiment in democracy has gone awry.



  1. How does a society dismantle an authoritarian power structure? That's the question I'd like to see answered.

  2. Well Bad, it ain't gonna be easy since the powers that be have so many "controls" in place to quell any public dissatisfaction in the form of any kind of protest. Looks like it's going to have to be an inside job, conversely, it may never happen. Most people don't even understand that there is an authoritarian power structure, let alone have a thought about dismantling it. It's way easier to go to Walmart and buy cheap crap. I think Walmart might be the new opiate of the masses.

  3. What Clapper said reminds me of the old Steve Martin routine of saying "I forgot" to get out of any jam, as in "I forgot armed robbery is against the law'

    If he follows Martin's routine closely, what Clapper will say next is: "Well, escuuussseee me!"

  4. Lol Kirk, maybe Clapper "got small" before he testified.