Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cruz Control

Fact:: The majority of Americans voted for President Obama and his healthcare plan.
Fact: Republicans do not care if Americans have affordable health care. (I wonder why?)
It is really that simple.
There must be some reason that the GOTEA Party
 would rather shut down the government than to give the American people the chance to see what the Affordable Care Act could do for them.
There are parts of the Affordable Care Act that are already effect, like not being turned down by the health insurance INDUSTRY for pre-existing conditions, or being able to keep your kids on your policy until they are 26.
Americans that I know are very happy with these provisions of the ACA. So why is the GOTEA Party hellbent on sutting down the government in order to now, just put off the ACA for another year? Because it's like crack and Americans will just want more and more!

Lets tally the list of demands the GOTEA Party wants:
Outlaw abortion
No food stamps
Privatize Social Security (not sure if they want it at all)
No public schools.
For sure no gay people, PERIOD.
No Affordable Healthcare Act.
Willing to shut down the government to keep the ACA from being implemented.
 There is a simple solution for this situation.
How about Congress and the Senate go without healthcare for a year?
If they do not pass the budget then their salaries get cut first.
What are your ideas?


  1. Someone actually suggested to Cruz he go without healthcare. He said no.

    1. Kirk,
      And most of the idiots out there ranting and raving against the ACA have other coverage - especially the senior baggers who are on Medicare and are totally unaffected. We need the ACA; I am a former insurance agent and I had a kid turned down because she had acne. Come on! What fifteen year old doesn't have pimples!
      The GOP opposses the bill because Obama backs it - simple as that.
      But, they claim it isn't racial...


    2. The point really is that these politicians are not effected by the cruelty they are willing to heap onto others. We need to stop paying these cretins. Let them live like the majority of Americans and they'll be singing a different tune.