Sunday, September 8, 2013

Selling The War

El Salvador

When are we going to learn to let other countries take care of their own problems?
Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) may be onto something when he says “We have billions to spend on a war but no money to take care of the very pressing needs of the American people. That bothers me a lot.”  However, it doesn't bother most of our lawmakers. Did corporate lobbyists and military leaders want the President to just go into Syria willy-nilly and start bombing?  What is the real agenda here?
Tuesday night the President is going to give an address on why we should get into another war. Maybe it's the crappy economy  factor and war will boost our GDP? The point is that no one wants this Syrian strike, or whatever the President is planning. But the President wants to win the pissing contest, the red line has been crossed. Since we have no credibility anymore after Iraq, I'm not sure if we can get it back with Syria.
The American people don't want to interfere in Syria so it's going to be interesting to see which Senators and Congressmen will vote for this military action. Republicans won't go along with anything the President wants, except maybe John McCain.
Does anyone think it's wierd that Kerry went on and on about the dead Syrian kids, but kids in this country have been sequestered out of Head Start and other programs because we're broke? Certainly children are dying from neglect and poverty in this country and no one bats an eye at that.
The thing that we should be worried about are the unintended consequences from our actions in an extremely volatile part of the world that we have already failed miserably in.
Maybe I'm paranoid but it's like Obama and Kerry are spokesman for some larger organization that wants some kind of proxy war, with Russia and China on one side and the U.S. on the other. Another thing no one is mentioning? That would be oil. Syria's BFF is Iran and it goes without saying that there are plenty of people in the government that would love to bomb that country. It's a little too convenient to use an excuse to go after Syria and then oops! It spills over into Iran, or Iran gets pissed and decides to join in the fun. Iran is another example of where the U.S. doesn't have a very good track record. There is a lot of oil in Iran. Could it be that there is an agenda to draw Iran into this conflict as an excuse to go after them? I hope we don't find out. Then there is the whole muslim mash-up, I'm talking about the whole Sunni-Shia conflict that has been an ongoing battle in the Middle East. We are basically Saudi Arabia's bitch and they are Sunni. Our country buys a lot of Saudi oil, oil reserves are running low there though.
Another issue is this whole double talk about chemical weapons. Didn't we use Agent Orange in Vietnam? Didn't the police pepper spray protestors when the whole Occupy movement was going on? So it's ok if we use chemicals, as long as no one else does? It's going to be interesting to see what happens on Tuesday. I just wish our leaders would be a little more interested in solving some of our own problems.


  1. I don't know why we're doing this. We'll probably end up killing more people than were killed by the chemical weapons.

    1. Kirk is right!
      Plus what was that shit Rumsfeld said about Iraq and "unknown unknowns"? We have no idea nor preparation for the events (whatever they would be)that might or might not occur after we attack Syria).
      Here it is - Syria has never attacked us and poses not threat to US Forces - and believe me, with 300 nukes and Syria within flying distance (without a/r)Israel can defend itself...

      Good post. Looks like Putin is working a deal to put Assad's WMD under international control.