Thursday, October 10, 2013

Power To The Have-Nots

I am pretty disgusted with how complicated things are. How barbaric people act. Nothing seems to be easy anymore. Our government is shut down over a healthcare law. A law that in my state will still keep many working poor from getting any help since Governor Christie refuses to expand Medicaid. I know Republicans are going to ask for some chained CPI for Social Security next. They want to strip away any social programs they can. Whether it's in an underhanded way, in some shady behind closed doors deal or in plain daylight, the terrorists in the US are getting away with murder, everyday that people have to go without healthcare.
I saw this on the internet. A girl who was shot in the head by the Taliban. Ya know, for talking too much. She was talking about education for women. She took a bullet for it.
 She has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Her name is Malala.
When I see someone as eloquent as this 16 year old girl who was shot by the Taliban for speaking out, I see some hope. Not for this country, however, because we have our own Taliban.
The Tea Taliban and the Republican party, have been busy gutting our public education system for years. Women getting birth control with the ACA is another no-no here in the land of the free. There's no end to the list of demands the terrorists in our government want. The person who is supposed to be in charge of these Tearanists (yeah, I made a word up.) is the biggest coward of them all. He is afraid he will lose his job if the Tea Particles don't get their way.
Nominated For The Booby Prize
        Everything this man is doing,  is nothing more than trying to save his own skin, to save face.
A 16 year old girl has more guts than this jackass.
Nominated For A Nobel Peace Prize
I hope I am looking at the future, when I look at the picture of this amazing young woman. She has more balls than Boehner will ever have.
Good Luck Malala, I hope you get that prize.
                                              I hope John Boehner gets what he deserves. He has been called the worst Speaker of the House since the Civil War and his closet Confederates act like that is exactly what they want.
When people don't have the dignity to accept change, to acknowledge the will of the people, you have situations like what happened to Malala, with a terrorist holding a gun to your head.

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