Sunday, October 20, 2013

The $24 Billion Dollar Temper Tantrum

Usually after a crises there is time for reflection. In order to avoid a mistake again. Unfortunately, it's going to be made, again and again. On January 15th, it will be Tea Party nutjobs time to score again in their game of chicken. You would think after gaining absolutely nothing, the nonsense would stop, but I doubt it because these people are crazy.
Yeah, they did. Not one ounce of shame, no sense of how completely wrong this act was. This is America. Isn't it great?
One good thing to come out of this, maybe Mitch McConnell will lose his seat in DC because he's not conservative enough.
John Boehner, is trying to run the asylum and failing miserably. No wonder he breaks down and cries at the drop of a hat. The Koch Brothers and billionaires who fund the Tea Party want to privatise the government, enriching them even more, the Tea Party is so ignorant or they just don't care that they are being used
I guess maybe I should be grateful that these fools didn't show up at the White House in hoods and robes, but their neo Confederate, right wing fantasy of "Christian Values" is dangerous.
So what's going to happen next?

A conference committee, that's right, after all the "Supercomittee" was so successful. Paul Ryan will be the lead negotiator in this group, he did not vote for the compromise to open the government. Get ready to hear about all of us entitled people who will be entitled to hear about cuts to entitlements, oh and tax cuts. The result of the last Supercommittee was Sequestration because they couldn't come to an agreement. Sequestration was supposed to be so terrible that no one would let it happen, but it did. I don't have any hope of any committee solving any problems. The only thing I can see coming down the road where they 
kicked the can are... that's right, spending cuts! They couldn't defund the ACA so the punishment will be cuts to whatever social programs that make this country humane. Back in the good old days I was always told I lived in the "richest country in the world," now we are so poor we can't even take care of our own people, supposedly.
 So here we are, a waste of billions of dollars and a bunch of crying about the deficit. Then we can sit back and watch the show in January. I can hardly wait to see another showdown of Congresscritters who get "caught up in emotion"  and berate innocent National Park Service employees and yes, that jackass still has a job. There's not going to be any real action to stop these idiotic shutdowns from continuing while every other civilized country provides healthcare to their people. Don't believe me? Look at this map.
See all that green? Those countries provide healthcare. Wasn't that what this shutdown was all about? Even gay-hatin Russia provides healthcare to it's people. Oh yeah, isn't that what all those Teabaggers are afraid we'll turn into? Because look at how great capitalism is and the wonderful things that it's done for us. Because our economy is amazing and we live in the richest, most exceptional country in the world. Right?

*Pic of Confederate flag wavin'Teanutjob from Washington Post
*Map from Wikimedia
* There's been a lot of speculation about Ted Cruz running for President, which is sprinkling extra stupid all over the Tea Party. He was born in Canada. Does that mean anything? Status as a natural-born citizen of the United States is one of the eligibility requirements. There ya go birthers.


  1. I am a former insurance agent I don't know the answer to national health care. One thing though is for certain - the status quo was unacceptable. ObamaCare isn't perfect! Neither was MediCare when it first came out or even the Part D drug coverage. I say, fix what is wrong with the ACA and move on to doing the work that We The People sent them to Washington to do and that is to cooperate and legislate.


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  2. Patricia, you should also mention that his (Cruz) Mother was a Canadian citizen and his Father was a Cuban (Communist) citizen at the time of birth.
    I'm waiting for the Obama did it first argument.

  3. I'm no fan of Cruz but there is a bit of misinformation floating about concerning his parents. His father did fight for Castro against Batista but wound up fleeing Cuba when Castro showed his Communist colors. Also, Cruz's mother was and is a US citizen, born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. It is true that Ted Cruz was born in Canada and equally true that he holds dual US - Canadian citizenship. Whether that makes him ineligible to run for President, as he seems inclined to do, is a subject of some debate.

    1. Thank you Mr O. Just got done with some post research on one of my blogs and realized I was wrong. Cruz's Mother was born here and as far as I can research, was never even a Canadian citizen. However, my comment was never meant to be taken seriously. That's why I used parenthesis. Cruz's Father was born in Cuba and fought on behalf of Castro's regime. But once Cruz found out that Castro was just as oppressive as the government he helped overthrow, he quickly fled to the U.S. Cruz's Father finally became a U.S. citizen in '05. And it is true that Cruz holds dual citizenship, however back in August, Cruz promised to renounce his Canadian citizenship. A promise he has yet to keep.
      His ineligibility is a funny subject according to the birther's argument over Obama's eligibility. One argument is that he (Obama) was born on foreign soil. By this argument, Cruz is ineligible. Another argument is that Obama's Father was not a natural born citizen. By this argument, Cruz is again ineligible. Oh, and if we're keeping score, this argument also holds true for Marco Rubio who's Mother and Father were natural born CUBAN citizens.
      Since you do not know me well, I will let you know that my original comment to Patricia was just sarcasm meant to point out the hypocrisy in another tea party argument. But I do not like publishing bad info, so for this I apologize and hope everyone here knows I meant no bad harm by it. Just didn't do the proper homework and for that I apologize.
      My personal opinion on a Cruz presidential run? I think "Natural Born Citizen" is defined by someone born in this country. As much as I dislike the job Obama has done, I have always been satisfied that he was born in this country. Cruz clearly was not, so I believe he is ineligible.

  4. Patricia,
    This wasn't a mistake and this wasn't a loss for Right-Wing Nutjobs. That $24 Billion is going to be taken from somewhere and that means from poor and working class families.

    I can only hope that President Obama doesn't listen to Neoliberals like Larry Summers.