Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Opera And The House

I guess if the New York City Opera can shut down, why not the government?
 Americans either can't afford to go to the opera or aren't really interested and even after the sold out performances of "Anna Nicole" the opera's contemporary tale about the tragic life of Anne Nicole Smith, it failed to make enough to stay open.
 Maybe it's me, but I know I wouldn't pay money to see that. Which begs the question, how out of touch are people who stage opera's about dead pseudo celebrities and people who engineer government shut downs?
I never really "got" Anna Nicole Smith or the Kardashians, I don't get Ted Cruz or John Boehner or Mitch McConnell. Why are these people famous? What did they ever do to improve the lives of anyone? They are part of the American landscape. Politically and culturally, or what's left of our culture. 
The NYC Opera was waiting for an 11th hour donor to come through, like President Obama was waiting for some sane Republicans to stop shutting down our government at the last minute.
I can't help but feel that this government shut down is a bunch of theater, like the opera. The next thing you know there may be a "Grand Bargain," a giveaway of some social program that the American people want and need, but the 1% think we can do without in exchange for the government being open for business. 
What exactly will the 99% have to give up?
 Who exactly is working in the wings, behind the scenes, writing the dialog that ordinary Americans have to parse every day in order to figure out what is REALLY going on? Everyday Americans are pretty paranoid about their meager existence being pulled out from under them in this brittle "recovery" that is barely visible.
Supposedly this shutdown is about the ACA. Well it's online today, I already went there to check it out.  
The Health Insurance Marketplace is Open! | HealthCare.gov
It's cumbersome and complicated but at least it's something. There are 30-40 million uninsured in this country that can just go pound salt according to the Tea Particles. That's really what this is about. Those that have don't worry about their health insurance since Ted Cruz is insured by Goldman Sachs.
I've never been to the opera, but I have been through a few government shut downs. I guess this  one won't be over till the fat lady sings.The question is does she have health insurance? I guess not, now that she's unemployed.
 Oh look, a voice of reason!
I can't wait to vote for her for President!

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